La Relax-danSe®, to enter the shamanic dimension of dance

The room is plunged into silence. Participants lie on the ground, lulled by soft music and the voice of the guide. Little by little, the rhythm changes, the bodies find themselves in a standing position, explore the space, meet, create their spontaneous dance individually, then together. This is the visible dimension of Relax-danSeⓡ. But beyond this visible aspect hides a very rich energetic dimension, stemming from the shamanic traditions of the world and capable of transforming the person…

free your body

THE RELAX-DANCE® is open to everyone, regardless of individual age and physical condition. It combines moments of physical relaxation and spontaneous dancing. The session begins with a moment of guided relaxation. We detach ourselves from our daily life to open up to something else. A moment of interiorized dance follows. With your eyes closed, you listen fully to yourself and your feelings. We let the body find its own movements. He is allowed to create his own choreography, in connection with the music. We give him full freedom to be. Raising the energy within

During the session, we do raise the energy in his body, directing it from Earth to Heaven. We become fully aware of each step placed on the ground, in conscious connection with Mother Earth. Then, led by the guide and the music, we raise this energy through the feet and legs. At the level of the pelvis, the life force – or the Kundalini – of the person is activated. We raise this vital energy in the back, the solar plexus, the heart… until we reach Heaven and the subtle worlds.

In this, the Relax-danse® is a real shamanic practice. It allows access to another dimension of oneself and of existence. It invites people to truly take their place as Humans, who make the link between Earth and Heaven. From there, everything becomes possible: during a Relax-danSeⓡ session, participants can experience awareness, releases or inner transformations.

Create an energy vortex with the group

THE RELAX-DANCE® is not limited to individual dancing or a purely internalized experience. It also offers moments of danced encounters with the Other, with others. We dance there in pairs, in groups, in circles… The meeting only takes place once the person has become aware of himself and his body, and has allowed the energy of mother earth to climb into it. Like what happens in life, it is only then that she is truly ready to open up to the world and co-create from her heart.

It is also from this moment that group dancing can unfold in its shamanic dimension. During rounds in particular, an energy vortex is created. It is nourished by the collective momentum directed towards the sky. Thanks to this vortex, awareness, energy releases and other transformations can be multiplied exponentially compared to an individual practice.

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Bless the world in consciousness and live gratitude

The last part of a Relax-danSe session® consists in sending in consciousness luminous thoughts all around oneself. Nourished by his individual momentum and the energy of the group, the person finds himself in a new state of being. Through dance, she offers this new state of being to the world, she allows herself to radiate it in consciousness. Here again, we are in a purely shamanic dimension: dance concretizes an intentionit allows the person to reach a particular state of being to offer it to the world.

Finally, any Relax-danSe session® to end by a danced moment of gratitude : for life, for the energies that accompany the person, for what they have received and shared during this moment spent in another dimension of existence.

The person returns to his daily life in a new state of being. THE RELAX-DANCE® is certainly a playful, pleasant moment, but above all, it allows the person to really reconnect with themselves and to rise to the level of one’s shamanic potential.

THE RELAX-DANCE® is the creation of Arundhati Sylvaine Lopin, a French artist and shaman. Miroslava Hristova was trained by Mandakini Murielle Cocol of Terres Enchantées, who was initiated directly by Arundhati Sylvaine Lopin.

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Miroslaav Hikario shamanic dances

Miroslava Hristova offers individual or group support in the field of shamanism and the sacred feminine. The purpose is to bring people to a life more aligned with the aspirations of their soul.

Relax-danSeⓡ is one of the main approaches she uses. For 25 years, Miroslava has also been introduced to various traditions of the world. She also holds a Master’s degree from the Sorbonne in the field of Human Sciences, a Master’s degree in Theater and a diploma in Life Coaching.

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La Relax-danSe®, to enter the shamanic dimension of dance

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