From shamanism to blockchain, Céline Dartanian creates Böö, a brand with a soul

She was for a long time the “Swiss knife” of TF1 where she notably created the Big Data department of the advertising department. Céline Dartanian, a tall, slender, sunny brunette, launched in December 2021 Böö, her brand of phytotherapy and aromatherapy which markets only ritualized, organic medicinal plants, and if possible fair, with a traceability system to reward each of the actors fairly. .
A ritualized plant, what is it? It is to ask permission to tear this plant from its natural life and to thank it for this possibility of offering to whoever wants the properties which are its own. The ritual must be performed by a shaman and it will be Céline Dartanian. “It comes under animism whose Latin root is anima which means soul. It is a state of being in the world, explains Céline Dartanian. More than a philosophy, it’s the inner compass of nearly 370 million people around the world. By experiencing it, we become de facto guardians of the Earth. The trees, the sky, the animals…everything around us has a soul, just like us, and we must protect them.” She could talk about it for hours as she is unbeatable on ancestral cultures, the history of peoples and the Sacred.

From advertising management to animism

But how do you go from TF1 advertising management to animism? The answer is simple. Because Céline Dartanian is a shaman through her mother’s line.
It is perhaps a scary word, which is more fantastic than anything else for some, yet it is her story that she delivers without taboo in her first opus In the dark we see better – see below below – where each passage of her life, which she may have taken for madness, schizophrenia, talking with invisible people, ancestor spirits, made sense during a trip to Mongolia, facing a shaman renowned. And from shaman to shaman, from visions to premonitions, from Mongolia to the Algerian Sahara via New York, TF1 and Paris seemed far removed from what it is deep down inside, from its raison d’être. Yes, you are in the economy section of your daily Nice-Matin, we will explain why.

My reason for being

She says it with humility, “When I feel that I’m blocked, it’s because I’m facing the wall and all you have to do is turn 180° to see that the path is there.” And her path led her to the plateau of Caussols where she settled before the confinement, sheltered from the Parisian agitation which blurs the tracks of real projects.
She has also forged unbreakable ties with Brother Marie, a resident monk on the island of Saint-Honorat, not far from Cannes for more than thirty years, who has helped her in her spiritual quest with a “Go where your heart tells you”and she went.

An association, a brand and blockchain

Who is Céline Dartanian today? A shaman who must perfect her gift for another three years with Enkhtuya (shaman in Mongolia), who has just launched her own brand in perfect harmony with what she feels. Böö (pronounced “bo”) which means shaman in Mongolian. It is a brand of products based on medicinal plants around phytotherapy, aromatherapy, herbalism and do it yourself. All the products are organic, ritualized, remunerated, vegan, without input and made in France. A percentage of the turnover achieved will be donated to missions to safeguard ancestral knowledge. If she had trouble finding a laboratory that accepted her presence as a shaman to ritualize the raw materials, she never gave up. On her way she meets Hippocampe, a Brest law firm specializing in blockchain intellectual property. That is to say that the remuneration of each will be automated. Céline Dartanian does not derive any profit from this activity because it would be contrary to the ethics of the shaman. Retribution is accepted under the Nagoya Protocol [accord international sur la biodiversité concernant l’accès aux ressources génétiques et le partage juste et équitable des avantages découlant de leur utilisation, ndlr] of which France is a signatory. For her website she worked with locals, Polarise in Sophia Antipolis, and the logistics are managed by DSL in Carros. We can say that Céline Dartanian is a link between several worlds. The neo-entrepreneur also founded the ACA, association of animist cultures, and created the Anima certification, for all ritualized products according to strict rules of use. Projects, she still has her drum full and she assures it “I start the locomotive but those who want to be part of the adventure will have their place.”

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From shamanism to blockchain, Céline Dartanian creates Böö, a brand with a soul

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