Connection to the invisible with shamanism in Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio

Real awareness or real connection with the invisible, shamanism was for Flora Nizard the equivalent of an emergency exit that allowed her to find herself and see life from a different angle. Discovery of a practice that is atypical to say the least

Who says shamanism say magic? Spirits? Psychotropic plants? Native Americans? Sect under cover of alternative medicine? What we know about shamanism is that we don’t know much, until we have encountered Flora Nizarda young shamanic practitioner newly installed in Saint Lucia of Porto-Vecchio.

Daughter of a Brazilian mother and a Tunisian father, she grew up in Strasbourg, attended an international school and, from a young age, flourished in discovery and diversity. A whole story, a past and travels that have forged a very special sensitivity. ” I was studying media communication, then psychology in an American faculty in Paris and I trained in different types of therapy such as hypnosis, transgenerational therapy or therapeutic massage. Apparently I have quite a rock’n’roll background “, she has fun telling.

Find out how to heal

Then she arrived. This dark period when you have to make choices to get out of it. ” In this negative spiral, I was still lucky because I was depressed early in my life, I was looking to get out of this phase, to find solutions “, she expresses with hindsight and wisdom.

It is thus, always to get out of it », that she discovered shamanism. ” I was 20 years old (15 years ago, editor’s note) when I fell a bit into the magic potion. By chance, if we talk about chance, I was introduced to a shamanism group by two women from Gabon. »

A first experience with a master plant from Gabon, iboga*. A root with powerful psychotropic powers: “ Iboga is linked to the earth, it shows us things related to our roots, our past. We have a visibility on our biggest dark parts, on the opening of the heart. It’s very physical, it lasts the night, you feel heavy and you can vomit », describes the young practitioner.

Flora Nizard, shaman - AS. p.

This was followed by trips to India, the Peruvian Amazon or even Nepal for a long journey of inner healing.

real ” years of intensive cleaning », and a learning of what, for her, was obvious: « During the first shamanic session, everyone was explaining what they had seen and I saw nothing. I understood later that I had already seen all that before, but I have the deep conviction that we all have this capacity within us. Concretely, from his point of view, what is it? Of energies, of communication with nature, of the invisible.

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First practice of mankind

Shamanism is the first practice of mankind. That’s what it’s called today, but back then talking to nature and hearing the messages was just the way of life. We then put a word of Siberian origin on it. » A true communication with nature and the living. ” In the indigenous tribes, the shaman had to and knew how to identify where the herds were, the food resources. Survival depended on him, it was very pragmatic. »

And today, when the resources are at hand, what is the use of shamanic practice? ” Back then, survival depended on resources, today our survival depends on our connection to soul and heart. We have all the resources at the material level but we are in total drought at the level of the connection to the living, to nature, between us. »

So how does it work? How does she get the outside world to access this reconnection? There is no question of psychotropic plants in Flora’s practices, but sometimes of therapeutic work, sometimes of a shamanic treatment at the end of the session. There are no rules, it all depends on the person in front of her.

Some of the material used by Flora during her shamanic sessions. -AS. p.

Respect for the living

The shamanic treatment takes place in a dimly lit room. The person, lying on the ground, puts himself in his bubble while Flora, accompanied by the sound of drums and a rattle, connects with the spirits. ” I will work on the energy layers, and different strata. The characteristic of the shaman is also the one who knows how to connect with specialist spirits, a spirit specialized in healing, one in death, one in soul recovery. They all have their specialty, they will guide me and tell me what to do. I am an intermediary. »

The important thing for Flora is above all the accompaniment for the reconnection to the soul and the heart. ” It is often the wounds that hinder this access to the heart, so my first mission is to free the person from his wounds, and to allow him to have access to his deep desires. »

A vast subject that the reconnection to the essential. Does it lead to happiness or does happiness keep you connected? Whether chicken or the egg, predicting or curing, each practice has its deviations. This is the case of excessive shamanic tourism in the Peruvian Amazon. Flora makes it a point of honor to emphasize the importance of serious support. As for the place of the invisible in all this: why not?

Good spirits, bad spirits, how do you sort it out?

“With experience, I have noticed that there can be dead people attached to people. They stay because they find it difficult to leave the person and in this case, I will accompany these spirits. In the extreme situations, we speak of black magic: energies that have been launched consciously or unconsciously like the evil eye. “

* Iboga is a plant considered a narcotic, banned in France since 2016 following the death of a young drug addict in 2006 during a “therapeutic course”, or “detoxification course” in Ardèche.

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Connection to the invisible with shamanism in Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio

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