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In the trailers for the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildcurrently called Breath of the Wild 2, Link has a new arm, and there are some weird theories about what it is and what it means for the game. While not much is known about the arm just yet, watch carefully the teasers released so far may reveal some secrets. One showed him pinning a desiccated mummy – theoretically to be Ganon – with Malice slipping out of his hand.

From what has been revealed END 2 so far it seems to be even bigger than the original. Trailers have shown Bokoblins making their base on a living Talus, as well as Link using fantastical new powers. One of the most surprising END 2 reveal was Link’s new arm, which arrived quite early and has been a subject of fascination ever since. The arm has been a prominent presence in reveals and trailers alongside details like a half-destroyed master sword and new exploration options allowing players to roam floating islands reminiscent of those in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Other new features such as flamethrower weapons and a new ability that will allow Link to pass through solid matter have also been revealed, and hopefully more will be available soon.

There are a host of theories surrounding Link’s new arm, but there can only be one true explanation as to why he gets it and what exactly it is. The first video in the trailer shows Link and Zelda exploring a cave somewhere in Hyrule, where they come across the pinned arm of a mummy that is presumably Ganon before he becomes Calamity Ganon, his twisted form in the first game. However, END 2 has several possible villains besides Ganon, and that’s far from a certainty. The arm appears to prevent Link from falling into a chasm after the cave floor collapses, but frees the mummy in the process. This appears to be the very beginning of the game and the event that kicks off the main story.

Link’s BOTW 2 arm could have been made by the Sheikah

In OTW, the Sheikah were an ancient people who built a number of devices that can be found scattered across Hyrule, including the Sheikah Slate that helps Link navigate and the Sheikah Towers that serve as waypoints. They also built the Divine Beasts and Terrako, the miniature robot featured in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamityas well as the Guardians who failed in the face of Ganon’s corruption in OTW and became his underlings. Along with all the other automatons built by Sheikah, it’s possible they also built Link’s new arm, perhaps not with the intention of him using it, but rather as part of an android than they created to fight Ganon in their time.

The arm that kept Ganon pinned and later transferred to Link certainly appears to be of Sheikah’s design. It almost appears to be a cruder version of one of the arms of the Guardian armor, which is made up of many materials and items crafted by Sheikah. His glowing skin and the multitude of strange parts attached to it look unnatural and no longer look so when they turn out to be gray after attaching themselves to Link. Since the Sheikah created OTW‘s Guardians, massive mechanical beings with seemingly infinite power supplies and the ability to act independently of outside control, it’s not out of the question that they could also create a Link-esque robot to fight against Ganon, one that would keep him constrained deep underground with no other options.

Link’s arm could replace the Sheikah slate in BOTW 2

While this may be more about gameplay and features than lore, and not explain what the arm is or why it grafted onto Link, another theory is that it will replace the Sheikah Slate in OTW 2. In one of the trailers, Link is shown using the arm to perform an ability that sends a spiked bullet back where it came from at his enemies, one that looks more like the original’s Stasis power. OTW, which allowed for impressive attack combinations and was a very useful tool. The fact that he isn’t shown using the Sheikah Slate in any of the reveals so far is also very telling and could indicate that his own body will serve the same purpose it once had.

Princess Zelda is the original owner of the Sheikah Slate that Link uses on his journey to stop Calamity Ganon in OTW, and after the end of the game, when she was freed from Hyrule Castle, she was shown to have taken it back from her. Zelda is confirmed to be in END 2 in some form, but she doesn’t make many appearances beyond her fall into the chasm when she and Link first find the arm, which could indicate that she and the Sheikah Slate are out of reach . It is also possible that Zelda will be playable in END 2which could mean she uses the Sheikah Slate instead of Link like she did in Age of Calamity. Either way, if Link’s arm takes the place of the Sheikah Slate, it lends weight to the theory that he was made by the Sheikah and could explain the new abilities he has.

Link’s arm may have evil sealed inside in BOTW 2

In one of END 2 trailers, Ganon’s Malice energy is shown engulfing Link’s right arm, the same one taking on a new form. That Malice may still reside in Link’s arm, and the news that kept Ganon pinned could have grafted onto him in order to contain it. His motivation for doing so is hard to say for sure, but since he’s also shown grabbing Link’s hand and stopping him from falling into a chasm, it seems like he has some interest in his safety. Zelda: OTW keeps many secrets, including the true nature of Ganon’s malevolence; since he’s so shrouded in mystery, it’s entirely possible he could latch onto Link and end up being sealed by the very thing that kept Ganon – or whoever the mummy really was – contained for so long. long time.

The Malice also appears to have damaged the Master Sword, as it wears a mangled form in the latest trailer. In skyward sword, Demise – the original source of Link, Zelda and Ganondorf’s endless reincarnation – is sealed within the Master Sword after his death. If Ganon’s Malice is truly sealed in Link’s arm, the spirit of Death can respond to it, as well as any remnant of Malice in the sword when it damaged it. If yes, then END 2the villain of could be Demise, not Ganon; skyward sword is the first game of The Legend of Zeldathe timeline of, and OTW is the last, which means it may come full circle for the series. Like all the theories for Link’s arm in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s sequel is just speculation for now, but it has some very interesting implications.

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