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When Le Monde wants us to take the Palestinian Kouachi for Che Guevaras of the revolutionLyon, October 2015 © KONRAD K./SIPA Report number: 00728859_000019

“Specialist” journalists on the Middle East do not aim to describe reality, but to reinforce a vision of the world that makes jihad a leftist value and Israel a reincarnation of Nazism.

The article titled: “Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi, itinerary of a Palestinian “martyr”, signed by Louis Imbert and published in Le Monde, is a caricature. A caricature of the travesty of information that the newspapers of the progressive left operate each time it is a question of the Middle East.

Through the itinerary of an 18-year-old young man, Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi, killed by Israeli soldiers during an exchange of fire, Louis Imbert, journalist at Le Monde, undertakes to paint the portrait of a generation. After all why not ? The problem is that the description operates from disguised information. This travesty proceeds from two inversions. The first is to victimize terrorists while the second undertakes to criminalize the victims of this terrorism.

A very particular universalism

For fifty years now, the media have presented us with Palestinian Islamist thugs as Rimbauds deprived of a future. “The young man, killed at the age of 18 by the Israeli army in August, has become the embodiment of a youth without prospects, which is reconnecting with the armed struggle” writes Louis Imbert. These young Palestinians who have all the means to educate themselves, to acquire a trade, to marry, to travel (for more than fifty years, the European taxpayer has financed hundreds of millions of euros for the studies and maintenance refugees and descendants of refugees) are systematically presented by the media as cherubim who choose terrorism for lack of “perspective”.

Louis Imbert tells us that Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi “shot an officer and Israeli settlers”, but he does not specify how this “pale boy with a long face, slender and pious like his mother” got hold of a gun. M16 assault rifle. Would Palestinian babies come out of their mother’s womb with a Kalashnikov in their hands?

The young man was not an activist, but a universalist. He “claimed himself from no party, but from all the brigades”. Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Daesh, Hamas? Louis Imbert does not specify which “brigade” had his preference.

Ibrahim al Nabulsi used an assault rifle but “without killing”. Louis Imbert tells us that the boy is “innocent”. And it is at this stage that the second phase of the operation begins, the criminalization of the victims. Ibrahim was not a delinquent, nor a terrorist. He’s a child. “There was something in his face, a child inside,” recalled a close friend. The Israelis who shot Ibrahim are known to like killing children. The al Durah case remains forever the prototype of these manipulations.

Louis Imbert quotes Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi’s father, Alah, who affirms that his son’s death is attributable to “this peace that Israel never wanted to give us. My son’s generation is angry with us and their resistance is legitimate. »

The Palestinian Rimbaud would have died from Israel’s lack of generosity. Louis Imbert of Le Monde, endorses the father’s political narrative: it was the Jews who sabotaged the peace. The reality is of course different: it was the Arabs, then the Palestinians who, in 1946, in 1967, in 2000, in 2005, in 2008 turned their backs on all the peace proposals, on all the territorial arrangements that the Israelis and the Americans offered them. Subsequent proposals by Obama-Kerry and then by Donald Trump were also angrily rejected. But when we have decided to criminalize the victims, the historical reality is of no importance.

Ibrahim was the Kouachi brothers

What Louis Imbert of Le Monde describes to us as the disarray of Palestinian youth, actually resembles the itinerary of the Kouachi brothers, the assassins of Charlie Hebdo. Ibrahim seems to have been a scum not very different from those who populate our suburbs. In college, he began by “rocking soldiers” like others in France, rocking cop cars. He “stores explosives” and “shoots at Palestinian policemen”. He was thus arrested by the militiamen of the Palestinian Authority “for a story of a stolen car”. Before shooting Jewish soldiers, Ibrahim practiced shooting unarmed Jewish clerics. “Together they pursue the ultra-Orthodox Jews of the Bratslav sect, who are sneaking into the outskirts of Nablus.”

Louis Imbert is not surprised by this Islamic intolerance which forces religious Jews to hide to go and pray (“a sect”, “they sneak in clandestinely”, he writes). Shooting Jewish pilgrims seems to have been a specialty of Ibrahim al Nabulsi. “With a group of militants, he fires on Israeli settlers, escorted by the army at the tomb of Joseph”. Suddenly, these “sectarian” Jews who sneak around like rats become “settlers”. This term “settlers” has a function: it allows Louis Imbert to transform anti-Semitic delinquents into anti-colonialist militants.

Louis Imbert does not want to see the social decomposition of the Palestinian movement. This delinquent youth who steals cars and shoots indiscriminately at unarmed religious Jews and Palestinian policemen, is romanticized. Ibrahim al Nabulsi scum from Nablus becomes a Che Guevara-type icon that all the babes of the 70s were in love with.

This romantic vision which structures the imagination of all the journalists who deal with the Middle East, is actually based on a falsified history. Matthias Küntzel, a (non-Jewish) historian of Islam, explains that the anti-Zionists echo the PLO’s mantra that “Zionism is… organically linked to world imperialism and opposes all liberation movements or progress in the world”. “It’s a falsification of history,” explains Mathias Küntzel. “In fact, the reverse is true, (…) before 1948 Zionism was not promoted, but fought ‘by world imperialism’ – if by that we mean the British government and the Pentagon and the State Department in the United States – because at the beginning of the Cold War Zionism was seen as a tool of Moscow”. The western progressive left today also forgets that the western progressive left of 1948 supported the State of Israel against Arab imperialism which sought to annihilate the newly created State of Israel.

Matthias Küntzel affirms that the number one task of historians today is to break “the historiographical monopoly” of the PLO which has gradually imposed itself on the left since 1967. A titanic task when we see that in 2022, newspapers like Le Monde glorify jihad and NGOs like Amnesty compare Israel to South Africa during apartheid.

© Yves Mamou

Yves Mamou When Le Monde wants us to take the
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Jihad and hatred of Jews. Matthias Kuntzel

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Yves Mamou. When “Le Monde” wants us to take the Palestinian Kouachi for the Che Guevara of the revolution – Tribune Juive

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