Xavier Piechaczyk: from right side of FC Krakow to boss of RTE!

You are right Nicolas to remind that I am not an expert. So much so that until 6:45 a.m. I thought when I saw Piechaczyk’s name on the guest board that we were receiving a Polish footballer to debrief yesterday’s match…

I thought ” well, Léa didn’t manage to get Lewandowski’s interview, she had to fall back on Piechaczyk… certainly a replacement… obscure right side of FC Krakow… Decidedly France Inter is more what it was “. In short, it was only by typing the name of our guest in GOOGLE news that I understood my mistake… Monsieur is not a right-back and his notoriety is exploding. Besides, I ask the question: this tension on the electrical network… Who benefits from it? In terms of his personal career and his media coverage?

Who benefits from Mr. Piechaczyk’s crime? 2 months ago, apart from Dominique Seux and your wife, no one was able to pronounce your name correctly… On the radio, you were invited at best for a 12/14, today you are subscribed to the Matinales!

In the street the women faint as you pass… Even here at Radiofrance, the journalists greeted you with a guard of honour… Yael “some had tears in their eyes…”

Yes, especially those who have opted for electric heating at home… the idiots… A man we had never seen and now we see all the time: you are the Jérôme Salomon of the Volts! Your rating is climbing as fast as our electricity reserves are dropping… Ah, while Bibi is adjusting the thermostat to 19, bundled up under 3 itchy blankets, I know some who have to build energy-guzzling jacuzzis in their secondary mansions! Even Léa is impressed… She did Bono last week, but as she quite rightly told me off the air “in times of energy crisis “It’s not Bono who’s going to fill up the Tesla!” While with the guy from RTE there may be a way to average… »
In short, Xavier, you are now a rockstar, very good but stop your merry-go-round: you know very well that there will be no cuts this winter… Why? Because Emmanuel Macron predicted it. But who is Emmanuel Macron? We know it since yesterday: Emmanuel Macron is the non-sticky and more presentable reincarnation of Paul le Poulpe…

This friendly octopod who distinguished himself during the 2010 World Cup by the stunning accuracy of his predictions… On Sunday, our president announced to the newspaper Le Parisien: ” I can see a 3-1 victory for the blues with a goal from Giroud, one from MBappé and one from Lewandowski. »

So not only if he says that there will be no cut, there will be no cut, better: for the quarters, if he plays the public deficit of France on Betclick, we can find ourselves surplus in January !
At worst, IF really there were to be load shedding, if really one morning we can no longer recharge the Tesla, then Léa will have to be strong and resolve to the unspeakable…

Yes. Leah. Public transport. I’ll explain to you but in due time, I don’t want to make you panic for nothing…

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Xavier Piechaczyk: from right side of FC Krakow to boss of RTE!

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