Witches’ war in the Pika Seinen collection!

32 mythical women of History, a bloody tournament, only one survivor!

Marie-Antoinette, Bonnie Parker, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc…
32 women who have marked the history of humanity, across the world and time, are brought together by Agrat Bat Mahlat, the all-powerful Queen of Demons. To satisfy her greed, these 32 chosen ones will have to take part in the thousand nights of “Walpurgis”, a macabre tournament in which the champion will see her dearest wish granted, while the souls of the losers will be extinguished without hope of reincarnation. Each accepts this diabolical contract and then becomes a “witch”, obtaining immense power thanks to her desire materialized by magic.

Let the duels begin!

In the end, there should only be one left!

This action and combat seinen features famous women from history who fight in duels to the death!

The goal ? Determine the one who has the greatest will and will be the big winner who will see her wish granted!

The plot of this manga draws on different famous female historical figures to narrate a gigantic tournament between 32 “witches”. A pitch reminiscent of Valkyrie Apocalypse, rightly since the two stories are published in the same magazine. Like the battles of the Highlander series, in the end, only one of these “witches” will have to remain who will have her most powerful wish granted. If the heroines presented have not all been assimilated to witches throughout history, they have all marked history in their own way either by their fierce fights or by their research or by their abuses! Their nickname of witches during the tournament comes from their greed to satisfy their own desires even if it means killing other “witches”.

Alongside famous figures from history whom we know as Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Marie-Antoinette, other women of Asian origin like Tomoe Gozen are presented, enough to satisfy the curiosity and knowledge of manga fan readers!

Throughout the fights with sustained rhythms and unexpected outcomes, so impressive are the powers at work, the reader discovers the full extent of Makoto Shiozuka’s graphic art which highlights the characters and creates attributes for them in relation to their specificities. historical : thus Élisabeth Báthory obtains weapons related to the torture in which she was past master while Tomoe Gozen obtains a giant bow, the bow being the weapon of choice of the samurai. The characters and their story are presented either by the demon masters of ceremonies of the tournament or by contemporaries of these women who attend the fights. A few skilfully distilled notes punctuate the fights to provide further information to readers.

The fights follow one another and are not alike, only the presence of Joan of Arc who seems to be the only one to have no desire raises questions: whoever wins the tournament will see her dearest desire granted, but what will happen? it if this desire called into question History as we know it or the well-being of our World?


Series Witches’ War is prepublished under the title of Majo Taisen: 32-nin no Isai no Majo wa Koroshiau (魔女大戦 32人の異才の魔女は殺し合う) in G magazineekkan Comic Zenon of Coamix (in which are pre-published the series Angel Heart and Hokuto no Ken Seikimatsu Drama Satsuei-hen) since October 2020. The series currently has 4 volumes in Japan.

Homura Kawamoto is known to be the screenwriter of Gambling School and its spin-offs.
Makoto Shiozuka is known for two titles in our region: Shimba Ra Da and meminisse.

From November 2, 2022, Witches’ War volume 1 in bookstores. Pika Seinen collection. Also available digitally. Ongoing series. One volume every three months.

Witches’ War volume 1
Artist: Homura Kawamoto
Screenwriter: Makoto Shiozuka
Translation: Xaviere Daumarie
Size: 130 x 180mm

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Witches’ war in the Pika Seinen collection!

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