Wina Series, Day 6: Birth, Reincarnation and Cloning

A first double to attack this second Weekend of the Series. McCafferty clones his first performance of the week by winning a second €50 Turbo. A stunt in the middle of a quiet night, crowning 19 winners and distributing 1.2 million euros.

Some nicknames return to each new edition. Immortal grinders, who are no longer surprised to see each quarter on the biggest tables of our festivals. But others are born, disappear, or reincarnate under other names. We can also suspect Chaud MIreIlle_FRA of being the new human form of a player who has already had success in his previous lives. It’s the grinder’s life cycle, illustrated last night with this (re)birth, this new baptism on the biggest tournament of the evening. For others, lives and days are alike, like McCafferty, who won the evening’s €50 Turbo… As he did on Monday, thus validating the first Winamax Series double of the year 2023.

Hot MIreIlle_FRA

Happy newborn of this beginning of the year 2023, MIreIlle_FRA discovers on its seventh day, and its seventh tournament, the joys of a Wina Series victory. The infant even offers himself the biggest score of this Friday evening on the 100 € 6-max, under the nose and the beard of several seasoned grinders.

298km/h (7th for €2,428) for example, hit the wall in the first corner in a battle of the blinds against the future winner, who won the first flip of this final. P9ppaPig then tries a slightly dirty call to get the bonus of R.Nadal23 (6th for €3,952), which he does by finding his King with K-4 to break Rafa’s Jacks. New final of choice for the tennis fan, winner Thursday evening of a €50 for more than 10 bricks.

P9ppaPig continues with the elimination of 1caan (5th, for €4,136) and the three-way match between chipleaders take shape after the ousting of wmx-6wef2tl (4th for €6,790) who gives up his last 2 blinds to MIreIlle.

After a few first skirmishes, MIreIlle touches the chipleader on a huge flip to take control of the 3-max. He then abuses the ICM pressure to dry up his last two opponents, whom he will finish off… In two shots. K-5 against K-6, bim, the 5 on the turn and goodbye WhoisKS (3rd for €8,391). Then next hand, J-8 against JQ, bim, the straight on the turn and goodbye P9ppaPig (2nd for €12,759). MIreIlle_FRA hits his first big shot on the room. The new nickname already takes a logo and 18,914 €.

6 Max PKO 50 € – 3,996 entries – Prizepool: €179,820
Winner: MIreIlle_FRA – €10,871 + €8,042.

TonyDKR on his high horses

The riders of the variants met on the racecourse of Event 112 for the traditional HORSE on Friday. Several regulars of the exercise in the final, like hold Them (6th for €519), former winner of this same tournament, and kicked in by ZEETTE. Melody19 is silenced a few minutes later by falling in a blow of LO8 in front of TonyDKR (5th for €727). The player then joins the indescribable Haygus, patriarch of Wam and ClubPoker in the lead. The two riders will trample the ZETTE shortstacks (4th for €1,018) and TheMadBanana (3rd for €1,426) to explain face to face.

A tough duel of more than 80 hands will be necessary to find a winner. Haygus attacks in Stud8 and is very close to unhorse Tony, who clings to his steed in extremis with a pair of Kings, which holds against Haygus’ low draw miss. Just back in the saddle, Tony continues with a good streak in Hold’em then regains the advantage in LO8. Haygus is on the edge of the abyss after a bad move from Razz but comes back from hell with a rush in Stud. Tony DKR finally finds two nice run-outs to finish off the last Colossus winner. The Cpiste is content with 2nd place, for €1,871, while Tony takes the logo and the €2,670.

McCafferty, double express

McCafferty winner of a €50 Turbo at 11 p.m…. I feel like I’ve seen that somewhere before. The player has indeed cloned his performance on Monday, where he was already imposing himself… On a €50 Turbo at 11 p.m. To vary the pleasures, this time he took the 4-max version, following a final table where he was never worried. Chipleader at the start… And double-up on the 2nd in the stack from the first hand on a 70-30. Behind, the player rolls over the competition then finishes Rototom94 (3rd for €4,253) and finally Jujia27 (2nd for €6,007) to win another title, four days after winning the Super Turbo 6-max. 2nd logo in four days and €8,460 added to the loot of the week, all in just 2.5 hours of play.

In a less expeditious style, but just as impressive, RoadCamry3.5 takes the time to turn his opponents one by one to sign the evening comeback on the 50 € 6-max at 8 p.m. Starting the chiploser endgame with 12 blinds, he finds the entry double-up with two Aces in BB, then comes back fully in the running after an Ace-Queen duel against two Kings. Always the Ace, to disgust Llepol.

He will then attempt an inspired 4-bet all-in with 9-7 straight, falling against Ace-King at H.Becquerel, flopped flush, and here is RoadCamry3.5 chipleader of the tournament. The mutant run will last until the end, after a perfectly managed heads-up against flagJunot (2nd for €8,773). €14,370 to reward this achievement by RoadCamry.

In the reassembled category, IAm1Doe also reversed the trend to take the best of the €20 Full-ring, to collect €7,187.

Amateur of Oxmo Puccino but also of PLO, BahSoDaddy gets his hands on the 10 p.m. four-card €10 in semi-turbo mode, while Piscem vilified turns €5 into €3,415 on the evening Déglingos.

They climbed the peaks

Mountain peak

Leaderboard: bmbn73 passes six figures


On the hunt for potatoes behind the leader NBG22CZ, bmbn73 took advantage of the day-off of the chipleader to step on the accelerator. In the 4-max Championship bend, the player passes the 21st chicane to take first place, and at the same time cross the 100,000 point mark. NBG22CZ wakes up in ninth place in the ranking where now appears Brelanciagaauthor of a new stunt last night, with a very juicy 3rd place on the 250 € 6-max, won by Call me g, for more than 18 bricks. Unlucky 7th in Event 104, PrinzOfRozva points to 8th place.

Puesto Judge Points #Torneos
1 bmbn73 104,078.27 138
2 E.cajeLaid 100,661.13 152
3 valdovas 99,941.88 111
4 Gobbzilla 98,456.83 87
5 snack 97,684.67 125
6 Axwill 97,501.54 108
7 pwncakez 94,785.69 94
8 PrinzOfRozva 94,775.37 155
9 NBG22CZ 93,946.36 94
10 BRELANCIAGA 90,116.07 123


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Wina Series, Day 6: Birth, Reincarnation and Cloning

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