When science looks at reincarnated children and life after death

It sometimes happens that you have the feeling of knowing a place where you have never set foot… Or you have a gift for drawing or painting, but you are the only one in the family… And if you were a “reincarnated child” ? For more than 50 years, what we call the “reincarnated children” interest science.

And more particularly researchers from the University of Charlottesville (Virginia – United States). Tens of thousands of reincarnated children are said to be spread around the world, and scientists are coming to meet them. You should know that a child is considered “reincarnated” when presenting memories of “past lives”. Explanations.

Studies for 50 years!

It was first ian stevenson, psychiatrist and author of a book on reincarnation, who led this investigation. When he died in 2007, the head of the university’s parapsychology department, Jim Tucker continued the search. In our Cartesian world, children who recount memories without having lived them, may seem strange, but when his children live these moments, it is very disturbing for them. The Netflix series “Surviving Death” broadcast since last January talks about these reincarnated children in episode 6.

Scientists now identify tens of thousands of cases that raise questions. However, all the “reincarnated” concerned would present the same troubling manifestations. Some people manage to relate historical facts, as if they were there!

Reincarnation Through the Centuries

If, today, the scientists study what they estimate of the reincarnated children, the reincarnation, it, does not date from yesterday. In all cultures, there are traces of reincarnation. The oldest concern the Hindu religion more than 5000 years ago! But still today, when we speak of reincarnation, it is of those of the Tibetan Buddhists that we mention.

According to Buddhism, there is no soul, no person… Each entity is made up of a dynamic stream of experiences that form consciousness. And in fact, nothing is created and nothing is lost, but is transformed. In other words, we are not born, we do not die, we only “pass from one life to another” with the same consciousness. In the Gitxsan culture (Canada), the spirit is renewed… That is to say that it is the spirit of a deceased person who returns in the baby who is born.

In our Cartesian societies and of monotheistic religion, these theories are always refuted. Children are not necessarily very listened to, nor taken seriously. Our society does not integrate reincarnated children, and we would even tend to take those who believe in reincarnation, for enlightened people!

The James Leiniger case

This young American of 23 years today would be a reincarnated child. In his previous life, he would have been a fighter pilot killed in action. Victim of violent night terrors from an early age, and an inveterate enthusiast of aviation, his parents wrote down all the details of the stories that the child could tell. James’s father was completely resistant to this idea, but he accepted that the child meets the sister of the dead soldier and one of his comrades in arms, so him in the 1940s!

The stories were very similar to the reality of the Second World War. Some shouted at the manipulation of the child, but for carol bowmanchild psychiatrist working on reincarnated children, James seemed to have memories of a past life. Still according to the child psychotherapist, it is often children who have been victims of violent deaths in previous lives who remember. And if, in his current life, he is allowed to grieve, then the nightmares subside.

The Virginia researchers also explain that some children are born with unexplained birthmarks. And that they would be the mark of wounds from past lives.

Very few supports exist

We told you, Ian Stevenson, then new teams of researchers have been studying this phenomenon for more than 50 years. And there are similarities between the child witnesses. The memories all appear around the age of 2 or 3 in the form of violent nightmares. Then these memories disappear at the age when the child discovers his “moral conscience”, so around 6 or 7 years old.

In the extent to which these past lives remain very controversial, there is very little care for these children. Ultimately only the University of Virginia team takes into account what most qualify as paranormal.

Jim Tuckerdoctor at the University of Virginia, has also published a guide for parents including phrases common to reincarnated children. When parents find themselves faced with these situations, they are often at a loss, since they are not listened to. However, the doctor explains that this advice does not replace appropriate psychotherapeutic treatment. He also specifies that reincarnated children do not present any mental disorder. The researchers also invite the families concerned everywhere in the world to contact them in case of doubt.

Even if the data seems precise and real, the discoveries of American researchers may never lead to internationally recognized treatment. No scientist has ever formalized these theories, not even ian stevenson, yet a pioneer in the field. He said of his research: “I prefer to say that my work suggests the existence of past lives rather than proving it”.

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When science looks at reincarnated children and life after death

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