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– Posted on 11 Nov 2022 at 09:00

2022 has been an incredible year for manga with the release of titles like Dandadan or Dai Dark. But what are the titles not to miss at the end of November?

Do you also often have trouble knowing which manga to choose from among the next releases? Difficult to choose especially when titles like My Hero Academia, One Piece or Jujutsu Kaisen are at the rendezvous. And with the evolution of the French market, the choice becomes more and more difficult, because each month, publishers no longer hesitate to offer several new releases or reissues eagerly awaited by fans.

Early November was notably marked by the release of the prestige box set of chain saw manbut also by the collector of volume 17 of Jujutsu Kaisen. Two collectors that fans have snapped up to complete their collection or discover a new title. But November is not over! Here is a selection of titles not to be missed at the end of November!

Yakuza Reincarnation T07 at Crunchyroll – Released November 16, 2022

Volume 7 of Yakuza Reincarnation will be released on November 16 by Kazé / Crunchyroll.

Ah the isekai! One of the most widespread genres in the world of manga! Between series like Gate: Beyond the Gate, Me, when I reincarnated as Slime or the franchise Re:Zero, there is clearly no shortage of choices. But lately, there is a series that particularly caught our attention. It is Yakuza Reincarnation. Published since 2019 in Japan, it is in November 2021 that the first volume appears in our bookstores and therefore in our manga libraries! Rather discreet, the series is nonetheless particularly interesting. Indeed, in Yakuza Reincarnation, we follow an old school yakuza murdered by an enemy gang. When everything seemed over for him, he will wake up in the body of a young and pretty princess. Despite this new body and this new youth, the yakuza has forgotten nothing of his previous life and will remain true to himself. And everyone knows that a yakuza is never intimidated.

why we love Yakuza Reincarnation? In this series from Kazé/Crunchyroll, we don’t really have time to get bored. Each volume, each chapter plunges us into rather unexpected clashes. However, beyond the impulsive behavior of our reincarnation yakuza, we quickly realize the parallel made with our current society. In this new world, everything is good to have power and money, even if it means crushing the weakest. And that’s typically what our hero can’t stand. Yakuza Reincarnation manages however to create an environment full of humour, in particular thanks to the shocks of the cultures which the situation comes to create. For readers who like stories of vigilante heroes, but not too much, or simply who are looking to discover a super cool novelty, Yakuza Reincarnation is the manga to read!

MMA Mixed Martial Artists T02 at Pika – Released November 23, 2022

MMA Mixed Martial Artists

Volume 2 of MMA Mixed Martial Artists will be released on November 23.

Notice to sports enthusiasts, and more specifically combat sports! pika continues its momentum and offers us since October the title MMA Mixed Martial Artists. Through this title which has 19 volumes, pika offers us a dive into the mysterious world of MMA, a versatile combat sport based on other combat sports. We follow Meguru, a high school student recently enrolled in an MMA club where he practices shooto. During a tournament, he will, by chance, face a childhood friend of whom he had lost track. A meeting that will push him to invest more in MMA.

why we love MMA Mixed Martial Artists? Traditionally, the most popular sports such as basketball or football are highlighted. Here, we are talking about a combat sport relatively unknown to the public. However, MMA has between 30 and 50,000 practitioners in France. MMA Mixed Martial Artists offers us a realistic dive into this sport and does not highlight only male athletes. Indeed, in this second volume, we discover female sportswomen ready to do anything to win their own fights. Hiroki Endo, the author of MMA Mixed Martial Artist, therefore makes no difference between one gender and the other, and is even innovative in confronting man and woman. As usual, Endô offers us extremely detailed and precise drawings that allow us to easily project ourselves into each moment of the lives of the athletes we follow. MMA Mixed Martial Artists also emphasizes the questioning that we encounter when we want to evolve or quite simply when we face failure. A personal approach still taboo in the professional sports world where their mental health is still a sensitive subject. However, MMA Mixed Martial Artists invites us to better understand athletes and their fight to make their dream a reality.

My Boyfriend is Genderless T01 at Akata – Released November 24, 2022

My boyfriend is genderless

Volume 1 of My Boyfriend is Genderless will be released on November 24.

After Like the Mona Lisa, Akata offers us a new title: My boyfriend is genderless. The story follows Meguru, a young male model with fine features, and Wako, his longtime girlfriend. Ever since high school, Meguru has been known for her good looks and delicate physique, which can easily mislead people regarding her gender. Because yes, Meguru likes to take care of himself, dress up, get manicures, etc. So many details that, in our current society and especially Japanese society, can bother some people, but also cause many misunderstandings.

why we love My boyfriend is genderless? As usual, Akata knows how to approach sensitive societal and social issues. Indeed, at the beginning of the year, the subject was already discussed with Boys run the riot. But if in this title, it is indeed the transition which is approached, here, it is the gender identity and the image that we send back. Because yes, although we accept our kind of birth, that does not mean that we recognize ourselves in the definition that society has of it. In My boyfriend is genderless, the author breaks codes and received ideas and plays freely with the notion of gender. Through his manga, Tamekou invites us to review in depth our definition of the genre, but above all to become true allies in these fights too often degraded by their opponents.

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TOP Manga to read November (2/2): Yakuza Reincarnation, MMA, etc. – melty

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