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The first images of the second season of The Wheel of Time have just been unveiled at Comic-Con in New York. This second chapter will be broadcast in France on Amazon Prime Video. Thus, we can continue to follow this fantastic epic.

The Wheel of Time, a rich and mysterious world

As a reminder, this series takes place in a medieval fantasy universe. Indeed, it is a free adaptation of the novels of Robert Jordan spanning 14 volumes. By certain aspects, one can bring closer the universe of the author to that of JRR Tolkien. Thus, the plot focuses on a range of people meeting through their various quests. In this fantasy world, some women are the only ones who can access the magic surrounding them. This is how Moiraine Damodred, a powerful Aes sedai, attempts to discover the identity of the Reincarnated Dragon. It is about a mystical being making rock the course of the destiny of the Continent. She therefore goes to a small village in which four innocent young people can be the reincarnation of this powerful being. Ultimately, all the guns of the fantasy are in this universe.

Everything we know about season 2

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Amazon Prime Video appealed to the showrunner Rafe Judkins in order to adapt the first volume in eight episodes. He previously worked on the series Marvel: Agents of SHIELD. He is thus back to write and produce the second chapter of this series. On the occasion of the podcast The Empire Film Podcast, Rafe Judkins specifies that this second season adapts volumes 2 and 3 entitled: The eye of the world and The Horn of Valere. The showrunner promises us an ambitious season illustrating the main issues of these two novels.

The end of the first season showed us the fight between Rand, Moiraine as well as the darkthe main antagonist of the saga. Rand and Moiraine emerged victorious from this battle. However, the young man is now in contact with the One Power. The rest of the story should focus on the consequences of certain decisions made by the latter. And the least we can say is this first teaser gives us a glimpse of the consequences of his decisions.

On the casting side, we can always find Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Madeleine Madden and many others. The character of Mat changes actors. Indeed, it will now be interpreted by the actor Donal Finn.

This second arc will always be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video. For the time being, no release date has been announced. For more information regarding The wheel of time do not hesitate to follow the news GeekNPlay and share your impressions and expectations on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Wheel of Time – A new teaser for season 2! – GeekNPlay

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