The next The Sims game will be a cross-platform title codenamed “Project René”

EA and Maxis are full of announcements concerning The Sims, in particular concerning the René Project, the next major opus of the license.

It has now been eight years since EA launched The Sims 4. Although the game still seems full of life, especially since it went free-to-play, many fans are wondering about the future of the license. During a recent presentation, publisher and developer Maxis formalized the next major opus of the saga and offered a small preview.

EA and Maxis are full of announcements about The Sims

The next The Sims game is currently codenamed “Project René”. Maxis chose the title “to be a reminder of words like revival, rebirth, and reincarnation to represent the developer’s renewed commitment to a bright future for The Sims,” ​​EA said in a press release.

Maxis has just started development on its René Project, so it probably won’t happen for several years. However, he teased a few details during the Behind the Sims Summit, including previewing further customization. You can change the patterns, colors and shapes of objects, as well as several elements on each item. For example, you could adjust the shape and size of a footboard or customize the patterns of the cushions. You will also have more freedom in how you place objects, without necessarily depending on the grid system that The Sims has always or almost always used.

You can also play Project René alone or with your friends – an option will allow you to share furniture, for example -. Additionally, the game will be cross-platform with cross-progression. This way, you can pick up where you left off on another device. It could also be that Project René is a free-to-play game.

EA further explained that it is offering such a preview earlier than ever in the development cycle of a The Sims game. In fact, some planned features may still change in the coming years, and there’s still a lot to come. Maxis wants user feedback during development. Which explains why the studio is taking a similar approach to studio Full Circle, which invited fans to test an alpha version of its Skate game to get feedback and guide its work.

Especially concerning the René Project

This presentation also provided some details on upcoming updates to existing games. Maxis is working with Overwolf, owners of the CurseForge mod hub, to build an official platform for Sims 4 players to find mods and content with confidence. More information in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, the next wave of expansion packs will arrive in 2023. The presentation previewed babies, who may no longer be locked in cribs. An infant, for example, was on all fours before an adult came to grab it.

From Tuesday, the game mobile The Sims Free will allow players to use all haircuts, earrings, and glasses on The Sims, whether male or female. Maxis also improves the faces of the characters, so that the license is more inclusive. The Sims Free will also welcome a superyacht for your Sims to live in early next year. In The Sims Mobile, balconies will make an appearance during the holiday season.

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The next The Sims game will be a cross-platform title codenamed “Project René”

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