The Knights of the Zodiac are back in force on Crunchyroll

After a first season broadcast on Netflix in 2019 and 2020, the CGI adaptation of the famous manga will this time be on the VOD platform.

After being announced during the Netflix Anime Slate in 2017, the Knights of the Zodiac had made their big comeback through an anime version in CGI, under the direction of Yoshiharu Ashino. A first season of 12 episodes was expected on Netflix, and was divided into two parts. The first six episodes broadcast in July 2019 freely resumed the storyline narrated in the arcs Galaxian Wars and Black Knightsand the remaining six episodes had landed in January 2020.

The fight against the mighty Golden Knights is going to be intense

Since then, the future of Knights of the Zodiac (which will soon be adapted in live-action) was a bit more vague. But let the fans be reassured, a sequel will indeed see the light of day. A second season has just been formalized and a trailer has even been released. Lasting one minute, this first video is above all an opportunity to find Seiya and his friends, always ready to defend Princess Athena no matter what. Above all, this teaser highlights the new narrative arc at the heart of this second season: Battle for Sanctuary. The story follows the battles of five teenagers, Bronze Knights, who must protect a young girl named Saori Kido, reincarnation of the goddess Athena.

Here’s a fuller look at the synopsis: At all times, when great upheavals occur in History, the Knights of the Zodiac are not far away… Linked to ancient mythology, they go unnoticed today and we have almost forgotten their existence. Saori Kido is threatened by the plots of a usurper of the Pope, representative of Athena on Earth in her absence, and the master of the Sanctuary. This usurping Grand Pope sends a number of knights, won over to his cause or manipulated, to eliminate Athena. But things get complicated when Athena is seriously injured by a golden arrow planted in her chest. The Bronze Knights must then face the terrible and powerful Golden Knights to save their goddess within 12 hours. »

36 years later, the Knights of the Zodiac always have the rating

Picking up the events related to the Sanctuary battle against the Golden Knights, Season 2 is slated for streaming in July on Crunchyroll anywhere in the world except Asia. More than 35 years after the publication of the first volume, the Knights of the Zodiac are among those manga heroes who rocked several generations. In France, the animated adaptation met with enormous success on the Club Dorothée youth program on TF1.

While waiting to dive back into the Cosmos in July, the most nostalgic fans can reminisce about good memories thanks to the board game deck-building. In the form of a card game, it allows the player to embody one of the five Bronze Knights: Seiya, Shiryū, Hyōga, Shun or Ikki, and to create his combat deck to face the great Pope before the 12 clock flames are extinguished.

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The Knights of the Zodiac are back in force on Crunchyroll

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