The Knights of the Zodiac: all about the new animated series on Netflix that explores the origins of the saga

Everything you need to know about the animated series “Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas”, official prequel to “Knights of the Zodiac”, available now on Netflix!

Despite the immense popularity of the Knights of the Zodiac cartoon in France, many are unaware that several series derived from the Saint Seiya universe have emerged over the years. This is particularly the case with The Lost Canvas, a prequel taking place several centuries before the adventures of Seiya and his Bronze Knights allies.

Here is everything you need to know about this short series of 26 episodes, to discover now on Netflix!

What is it about ?

The Lost Canvas tells the tale of the previous holy war and the millennial battle of Athena, goddess of justice, and her faithful knight Pegasus against the god of the dead Hades, 250 years before the events of the Knights of the Zodiac.

From what age to watch this anime?

The editorial staff of AlloCiné recommends this program from the age of 10, but with warning due to a number of violent scenes, and many brutal killings.


Why do teens love it?

  • A new story, which allows a young audience to familiarize themselves with the Saint Seiya universe.
  • A series dating from 2010, with more modern animation!
  • Epic fights, a sense of heroism and sacrifice, but less violence than in the previous series!

Who are the main characters ?

  • Tenma: more than two centuries before Seiya, this brave and combative boy is entrusted with the Bronze Armor of Pegasus.
  • Alone: ​​Seemingly puny and sensitive, this young boy is the resurrection of the god of the underworld, Hades.
  • Sasha: younger sister of Alone, the latter is the reincarnation of the sworn enemy of Hades, the goddess of war Athena!
  • Shion: current Golden Knight of Aries, the latter will later be named Grand Pope and will reign for several centuries before being assassinated by Saga as a premise of the Knights of the Zodiac.
  • Dokho: this valiant young man is the future old master who will train Shiryu of the Dragon in combat in The Knights of the Zodiac.
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The anecdote that will amaze your teenager!

  • When French people appropriate the Saint Seiya myth, it gives comics Knights of the Zodiac: Time Odyssey (available on September 30 from Kana editions), an original story, and above all official, since supervised by the author of the manga in person, Masami Kurumada.
  • The Knights of the Zodiac has had many spin-offs over the years. In addition to The Lost Canvas, its prequel, the original work was followed by several series (Omega and The Next Dimension), but also by a few spin-offs (Saintia Shô centered on female Knights, and Soul of Gold which stages the Golden Knights).

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Where to see this anime and how much will it cost you?

The complete series is available on Netflix (from €8.99 per month).

The manga Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas composed of 16 volumes is available from the publisher Kurokawa (6.60 euros each, with a promotion for the first three at 3 euros each).

What other anime to watch next with your teen?

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The Knights of the Zodiac: all about the new animated series on Netflix that explores the origins of the saga

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