The Heart Pt 1 to 5: Kendrick Lamar’s best punchlines

Kendrick Lamar released his new single The Heart Part 5 just ahead of the album. For the occasion, rediscover the punchlines of his eponymous series of tracks.

Boom! The explosion took place this Monday, May 9 around six in the morning, French time. At the impact bridge: Kendrick Lamar who returned to the spotlight with The Heart Part 5, his first clipped piece unveiled in five years. Were you surprised by the power of the explosion? Well hold on tight since this is only a first strike before the final assault scheduled for this Friday, May 13, namely the release of the Compton rapper’s new album, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers.

In this new visual that is both introspective and punchy, K-Dot has made a new point of honor to make public what was on his heart and in his thoughts during his long years of absence, but not only . He also used deep fake technology to successively reincarnate himself as several African-American male celebrities to speak on their behalf. In order: OJ Simpson, Kanye West, Jussie Smollet, Will Smith, Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle. Amusingly, the studio he went to to achieve this feat is owned by Trey Parker & Matt Stone, the creators of the South Park series.

But beyond this brilliant musical return on a magnificent sample of the song “I Want You” by Marvin Gaye, Kendrick, with this new title, perpetuated one of his oldest traditions: that of continuing his musical series The Heart “. Started in 2010, a few months after the release of his first eponymous EP, this concept currently divided into five parts continued almost systematically at the dawn of the arrival of each of his projects. This fifth and final iteration is therefore no exception to the rule and comes less than a week before the release of the famous and highly anticipated new album, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. The hype is at its peak and while waiting for D-Day, we go around Kendrick Lamar’s best punchlines on the different tracks “The Heart”

The best punchlines of “The Heart, the musical series of Kendrick Lamar

  • “I pave the way for my people to see the light” – “ The Heart Part 1″
  • “You can’t learn if you haven’t made mistakes” – “ The Heart Part 1″
  • “I made some sound and gave the world my germs, hope you all get infected” – “ The Heart Part 1″
  • “I am the king and I pass the pawns to you” – “ The Heart Part 1″

  • “My intelligence is gaining momentum, I just need to free my thoughts” – “ The Heart Part 2″
  • “The Lord knows I’m getting better, but I’m not perfect” – ” The Heart Part 2″
  • “My art is all I have, and victory tastes sweet even when the enemy throws salt at me” – “ The Heart Part 2″
  • “My future is so bright that I would probably go blind before I blinked twice” – “ The Heart Part 2″
  • “I will never surrender, I was already a warrior in my mother’s womb” – “ The Heart Part 2″

  • “When the world sees you as the reincarnation of Tupac, you have enough pressure on your shoulders to live your life sedated, find the tallest building and jump off the roof” – “ The Heart Part 3″
  • “I had to make a choice: rap or die” – “ The Heart Part 3″
  • “Falling is a disease and I heard it was contagious” – “ The Heart Part 3″
  • “I came, I saw, I conquered, I’m not ashamed, it’s all Compton’s fault” – ” The Heart Part 3″

  • “Don’t tell lies about me and I won’t tell the truth about you” – ” The Heart Part. 4″
  • “I’ve just come out of the water, I’m going to open a breach, the 1.50m giant has woken up from his sleep” – “ The Heart Part. 4″
  • “I released a classic, I came back right after, another classic right after and for my next album, the whole industry will need a pack of ice cream” – “ The Heart Part. 4″
  • “The wheel is turning, lessons are being learned, I’m looking my best” – ” The Heart Part. 4″
  • “My place is consolidated if you want to know my name is listed as being: “This king”” – “ The Heart Part. 4″

  • “I come from a generation of pain, where murder is considered minor” – “ The Heart Part 5″
  • “Analyze, risk your life and take matters into your own hands” – “ The Heart Part 5″
  • “Look what I’ve done for you, look what I’ve done for you” – ” The Heart Part 5″
  • “Another peer has been executed, history repeats itself again: make amends then find a guy with the same skin color to start over” – “ The Heart Part 5″
  • “Above all, let’s sacrifice our self-interests just to make the next generation better than ours”
  • “Face your fears, personally, I always knew I would get there” – “ The Heart Part 5″
  • “Seek salvation when problems stand before you, for you cannot help the world without helping yourself” – “ The Heart Part 5″

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The Heart Pt 1 to 5: Kendrick Lamar’s best punchlines

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