The cultural choices of the “Point”: dive into “Avatar” or dance on Broadway?

Lhe room is microscopic, the decor reduced to a strict minimum, and yet, what a marvel! Marion Bierry has taken minute liberties with Corneille’s comic text, which, lighter, more alert, sometimes even cheerfully sung, thus reveals its modernity better than ever. The hyper-ingenious scenic device makes it possible to vary the depths of field and intelligently animate this tiny set. As for the actors, all are perfectly fair, subtle, inhabited, in particular Alexandre Bierry who plays with a hilarious aplomb, and in a fortissima voice that we are not about to forget, this mythomaniac who made a triumph in 1644 and has really not aged a bit…

The liarby Pierre Corneille, at the Théâtre de Poche, directed by Marion Bierry, Tuesday to Saturday at 9 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m.

Dive into Avatar: The Way of the Water

So this new Avataran event film awaited like the Messiah by fans and cinema operators affected by a drop in admissions? Yes, James Cameron still manages to amaze us! By pushing the limits of the computer-generated image even further, it offers the viewer an extraordinary journey under the waters of Pandora. Thirteen years have passed since the first opus, and Jake and Neytiri have become parents. Once again attacked by humans, hunted down by the ruthless Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) reincarnated in a Na’vi body, the couple and their four children are forced to leave home and forest, and explore new lands of Pandora. .

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This is how the family finds refuge with the aquatic people of the Metkayina and will strive to tame their customs. The sea is often bluer than blue, the village Metkayina looks like resorts in the Indian Ocean and the marine animals communicate their moods, yes, it’s true, and we can obviously regret it. But there remains a breathtaking spectacle, three hours ten of wonder in apnea that Cameron – who is also a painter in his spare time – has thought of as a real tableau vivant. Where one is literally bewitched by the realism of diving and by so much beauty.

Dance with Rosalia

Without her long false nails and her tattoos, we would see her as the reincarnation of Botticelli’s Venus. The Florentine is also one of the many references that Rosalia distils in her third album, Motomami (a nod to her mother, a businesswoman who transported her on a motorcycle), with Magritte, Goya, Basquiat, Frida Kahlo… Cultivated, controlling all the visual, sound and scenic aspects of her art, the Spaniard of The 30-year-old, who found her first audience singing in bars and at weddings, has been globally acclaimed and multi-award-winning across the Atlantic for her flamenco update, mixed with electronics, reggaeton and rap, while keeping its classic emotion. Combining billions of streams, 23 million Instagram subscribers, high-flying collaborations (with The Weeknd for “La Fama” and Tokischa for “Linda”) and packed stadiums, nothing seems to be able to stop its “phenomenal” trajectory! “. We hadn’t seen that since Julio Iglesias…

Motomami (Columbia). In concert on December 18 at the Accor Arena (Paris).

Speed ​​down Broadway on stage

It is a classic of the American repertoire, a “musical backstage” which tells, in abyss, the setting up of a show on Broadway in the midst of the post-crash recession of 1929. Adapted from a film from the 1930s, itself even from a Bradford Ropes novel, 42nd Street sold out for a decade in the 1980s in the United States. Already staged at the Châtelet in 2016 by the brilliant Stephen Mear – it had then attracted more than 90,000 spectators – this musical is famous for its record number of tap dance numbers, a real superathletic show led drum beating by 46 dancers, the cream , it seems, English “triple threats” – dancers, actors, singers all at the same time…

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42nd Streetdirected and choreographed by Stephen Mear, until January 15 at the Théâtre du Châtelet

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The cultural choices of the “Point”: dive into “Avatar” or dance on Broadway?

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