The clip of Élisabeth Borne’s “ecogestures”, or the art of taking the French for children…

Jupiter saidwe have been warned. If we all get together, we spend the winter! », thus warned the first of the French. In support of this more than virile declaration – as Sandrine Rousseau would say -, a clip from the services of the Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, whose charisma is well established: it’s very simple, it looks like the reincarnation of Janis Joplin, but a little less stuck up.

This government video therefore teaches us the “eco-gestures” likely to save both the planet and Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term: do not overheat, remember to turn off electronic devices on standby before going to bed. All that is missing are the injunctions to encourage the French to brush their teeth every evening, to eat five fruits and vegetables every day, to play sports, not to drink too much and not to smoke at all, to vote for the from the circle of reason, to avoid both sexist jokes and nauseating remarks. In short, everything that is likely to transform the Gallic rooster into a capon.

It is true that the contraption in question can lend itself to sarcasm. Form point of view? How to say… In the music video register, we are quite far from the Thriller by Michael Jackson. And the background? The textbooks of the last century, devoted to the education of the housewife, could not have done better. Make Madame think of turning off the lights as soon as you leave a room, not to abuse hot water, not to drag on in the shower, knowing the price of water and electricity , which Monsieur pays every month, with these precious coins allowing him to support his whole little family.

In a way, Matignon is rediscovering the values ​​of yesteryear which made our ancestors say that wasting was not Christian. To believe that the past still has the whole future ahead of it; what we all kind of already knew. These things said, ordinary mortals can only ask themselves these few questions:

The first one. The one evoked by Marine Le Pen about the ” third-worldization of France “. It is true that before François Mitterrand came to power on May 10, 1981, Gaullo-communism, whatever one might think of this circumstantial political alliance, had bequeathed to us a military-industrial complex capable of playing equal with the great powers of the time, the USA and the USSR; whether in nuclear matters, railways, automobiles, petrochemicals, hydraulic dams, aeronautics, space conquest, shipbuilding, computers, armaments, and still we must forget . Obviously, there isn’t much left of that.

The second. Not so long ago, France exported cheap electricity all over Europe. Today, we are forced to import it. What incompetence and improvidence, especially when we know that the first duty of a government consists above all in foreseeing. To predict, for example, that halving electricity production by closing half of the nuclear power plants in order to please environmental allies supporting the government, such as the rope hangman, was not necessarily the idea of ​​the century. And that pushing the population to drive all-electric when electricity would now tend to become a rare commodity was not the most appropriate either.

The third. To persist in taking the French for children, while the brats of the rich who have squandered all the inheritance are more the elected officials than their last voters.

We are still waiting for the next step. Peeing in the shower to save water, until it is advisable to flatulate in the Sunday bath; even the most modest of our compatriots will thus be able to consider themselves happy owners of a jacuzzi.

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The clip of Élisabeth Borne’s “ecogestures”, or the art of taking the French for children…

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