The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of Boddhi Satva

The English jazz group and the Franco-Central African DJ present their next albums to us.


In this Neo Geo, Un Vent d’Ailleurs blows from Kinshasa (DRC). Olivier Mukiandi tells us about the fifteenth edition of the JazzKif Festivalan event to be held on June 18 at theFrench Institute – Halle de la Gombe from Kinshasa.
On the program: Keziah Jones and artists “in the colors of Cape Verde”, with LucibelaTeofilo Chantre or Jenifer Solidade, to celebrate, among others, the voice and career of Césaria Evora with the “Cesaria Evora Orchestra” project.

Triomf, Joyce Kaj and Dj Khalisto are also invited among the Congolese artists participating in this event.


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For this new Musikactu, focus on the album Lèspri Ka: New Directions in Gwoka Music from Guadeloupe 1981​-​2010. Behind this project available online and on a magnificent double vinyl, discover thirty years of Guadeloupean gwoka music, condensed into ten titles. The DJ and producer Cedric Lassonde (aka Cédric Woo), co-director of this compilation with Brandon Hocura, presents him at the microphone of Bintou Simporé.

1655215519 585 The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of
Guada © Silvia Gin

An album to highlight Guadeloupe, and whose goal is to “present the modern and traditional gwoka, its evolutions”. A scene “varied“, and “fascinating” according to the producer. To be found in this compilation: songs like “Kimbé Rèd!” of Guy Konket and Chen’n La by the artist Dao, who speaks for example “chains that still weigh on Guadeloupeans seeking to assert their independence”.


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Cassie Kinoshi (left) and Sheila Maurice Gray (right), at Radio Nova © Radio Nova

Meeting in this new Neo Geo with the musicians Sheila Maurice Grayand Cassie Kinoshifrom the London jazz and afrobeat band Kokoroko ! The trumpeter and the saxophonist present Bintou Simporé’s microphone on the group’s latest album Could We Be More, available from August 5 on the Brownswood Recordings label.

1655215519 6 The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of
Cover of the album “Could We Be More” by Kokoroko, to be released on August 5th.

Discovered in 2018 with the success of their title “Abusey Junction” (nearly 50 million plays on Youtube), the eight members of Kokoroko distill their soul, jazz and afrobeat fervor on international stages. A project, which seeks to give voice to a new family of English musicians. “We want to build a bridge between our generation and other older artists, greats like Fela Kuti”.


In this Musikactu, a look back at the concerts of three octogenarian legends of music: Bongas, Martinho Da Vila and Mavis Staples ! Recently passed by The cicada in Paris, these stars do not leave anyone indifferent on stage, thanks to shows that have remained just as elaborate and powerful over the years.

Angolan artist Bonga is currently touring the album Kintal Da Banda. Martinho Da Vila just released the album Mistura Homogenea (sony) and Mavis Staples the album Carry Me Homecollaboration recorded in 2011 with drummer Levon Helm (died 2013) in his studio in Woodstock.

1655215522 608 The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of
Mavis Staples and Levon Helm, album ” Carry Me Home“.


1655215522 235 The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of

In this Classico, journalist Véronique Mortaigne comments on the soundtrack of the film Orféu Négro, by Marcel Camus released in 1959. Palme d’Or at the Cannes festival the same year, and Oscar for best foreign film in 1960, this film immerses us in a love story in Rio, at carnival time, between a Brazilian reincarnation of Eurydice and Orpheus, a tram driver by day and an acclaimed artist by night. A Franco-Brazilian film, adapted from the play Orfeu da Conceicao, in which there is a “musical bubbling”.

Extract :
“The Orfeu da Conceçao adventure is the cornerstone of the bossa nova revolution, which soon became official in 1958 with the publication of the album Chega da Saudade by Joao Gilberto. The goldsmiths of bossa share and form a group, especially since Marcel Camus brings competition into play, adding to the original cast pioneers in the transmutation of samba: Roberto Menescal, Antonio Maria, Joao Gilberto, and here, the composer and guitarist Luis Bonfa or the lyricist Antonio Maria, author of this Manha de Carnaval, which, in the film, is declined at will, becoming the common thread of this Greco-Carioca drama. The song returns like a haunting theme, mixed with dialogues, parasitized by the drums of samba schools, the rhythms of candomblé or even delivered in all purity by three guitar notes…”

Boddhi Satva’s Afromix

1655215523 453 The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of
Portrait Boddhi Satva © BBE Music

To close this Neo Geo, the French and Central African DJ and producer Boddhi Satva made a selection of his best titles for a dancing and rhythmic Afromix! On the occasion of the release of his latest album Demonstration on June 17, the afro house boss plays his productions and collaborations with artists like Jorge Bezerra or the Dj Spilulu.

1655215523 634 The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of

Magazine Playlist:

Old Farka Touré – Ngala Kaouren

Triomf – Domed

Guy Konket – Kimbe Red!

Dao – Chen’n La

Kalindi Ka–Yo

Kokoroko–Abusey Junction

Kokoroko – We Give Thanks

Kokoroko – Something’s Going On

Kokoroko – Age of Ascent

Mavis Staples – excerpt Live concert from June 8 at La Cigale (Paris)

Mavis Staples Feat. Ben Harper – We Get By

Djam – Djôn Maya (Victor Démé Tribute)

Astrud Gilberto – Manhã De Carnaval

Including Boddhi Satva’s Afromix

Boddhi Satva & Jorge Bezera – Xangô

Boddhi Satva, Mah Kouyaté & Madou Camara – Walyoumadou

Boddhi Satva, Spilulu, H. Baraka & Kaysha – Kilulu Punch Koko (Dj Tool)

Boddhi Satva, Mr Lulu & Davi Lorenzo – Sácalo

Boddhi Satva – Belma Belma

It was Néo Géo, a show by Bintou Simporé, produced by Mathieu Boudon, with the participation of Christian Nzonta, Melvin Schlemer and Youness Badet-Zebatte. To the editorial staff: Flavien Larcade, Véronique Mortaigne, Olivier Mukiandi, and to and social networks: Mathilde de Capèle and Bastien Stisi. Thanks to Damien Besançon for his collaboration and see you next week on Nova!

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The afrobeat jazz of Kokoroko and the ancestral soul of Boddhi Satva

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