The 12 labors of the Gallic Hercules

Emmanuel Berl, Pif, Hercules and Unreal France

No more thrills of the presidential descent, anxieties of falling on a red or black track. For the legislative elections, it’s time for slalom, combined, musical chairs and chanting courtiers. The apparatuses share the constituencies, morocco, Villa Medici, Observatory of food, High authority for the refoundation of the simplification of modernization. In the wonderland of a Marianne Lotophage, demagoguery and verbiage at all levels.

“French politics seems to me to evolve less like a story than like a neurosis. Its dominant trait, in my opinion, is the progressive weakening of the sense of reality that it has shown over the past fifteen years. Schizophrenic politics (…) French politicians may not care about the fact, because at the start, they did not really expect it to confirm their ideas. The most egregious errors seldom disqualify them, in the eyes of others or their own, provided they resist the temptation to admit them. Also, when France dreams, it takes great misfortunes to wake it up. (Unreal France). Published in 1957, Emmanuel Berl’s essay has not aged a bit.

Journey to the end of the Nupes

After the Bloc des gauches, the Cartel des gauches, the Popular Front, the Union of the Left, the Nupes: New Utopia For Siphoned Voters. After the PC and the PS, Jean-Luc Castro takes the lead of an improbable gaucho-ecolo-social democrat party. Ray L’aventura and his band of schoolboys, organic sheep of Panurge, retired national education rebels, make films, promise us days as blue as our veins, nights as red as our dreams, incandescent hours and white minutes…

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Do like the bird; A nice story ; We’ll go where you want when you want… Bone tax, Zig ZAD and a guaranteed Venezuelan bankruptcy in two months. Shepherd’s pie has been reheated for a year, a century, an eternity: VI th republic for an ecological and united bifurcation, global school for equality and emancipation, price blocking of basic necessities, youth autonomy allowance, dignity guarantee… Nothing about coulrophobia and gluten allergies? The Trotskyist helmsman disguised as a Green Giant defends “an imperative of ecological justice, through a planning process, driven by new indicators of human progress as well as the green rule”. Internationally, the sublime sells better than Poutine: “Be prepared to disregard certain (European) rules while respecting the rule of law… Start anti-globalization cooperation to act for a world that respects human rights, democracy and the fight against climate change”. When do we go where ? Versus Conk Melenchon, Hercules Macron stands straight with his seven-league boots. Glop, glop, not glop…

The phoenix of the hosts of these woods

After Workingbefore The resurrection by Edouard Philippe in 2027, The Reincarnation of Gabriel Attal in 2032, we investigate, Whole, five years of Renaissance… “A new president for a new mandate… resolute action for France and for Europe… a clear project in the face of the sirens of easy ideologies and demagoguery…”, McKinsey & Company, the Metaverse Nation, the Secret of the Unicorn and 21 cannon shots fired from the Invalides. 21 as the minimum order of the perfect quadrature of the square and the trumps in the Tarot. L’Hercule Gaulois has a lot of bread on the slice.

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(1) Smother the Nemean lion (lenchon) with impenetrable skin (2) Kill the populist hydra (3) Capture the doe of Hénin Beaumont (4) Bring back alive the boar of the Horizons Le Havre (5) Clear Augean Stables and Public Accounts (6) Kill the Poison-Feathered Doom Birds (7) Tame the Reconquest Bull (8) Capture the Man-Eating Mares (9) Return to Birgitta – Caesar’s wife and queen of the Amazons – Hippolyte’s belt (10) Defeat the giant Geryon tergeminus (11) Grow golden apples in the Elysée gardens (12) Descend to Hell and chain Putin the Cerberus . hac lupi hac canes. Hercules took ten years. Five years lost: the president still has a mandate, whatever he doubts…

“And even if it’s not true…”

The real issues, perils that weigh on the future of the country (bankruptcy of national education, digital cretinization, cultural collapse, deindustrialization, debt), are ignored by electoral programs and debates, parasitized by corporatist hypocrisy, a demago “pourtousisme” . Berl is lucid: “The imposture, here again, takes on an almost institutional character. (…) We falsify the indices, the accounts, the prices, the exchanges, but everyone knows it. The triumphant imposture is no longer intended to deceive, but to respect a certain code of propriety, which moreover is not formulated anywhere (…) Sometimes we insinuate that we will not have to pay the price of what we buy: ‘It won’t cost anything, it will be paid for by foreigners, by the rich, by mysterious deities such as Credit or Expansion’. And sometimes, most often, we say: ‘It is necessary. National honor, French greatness, social justice, human solidarity demand it. We will do it at all costs’, which, in truth, does not make sense and avoids admitting, even calculating, the real price that in the end the people will pay..

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The gesticulations of counterfeiters, Tartarin’s rants, King Dagobert’s Deux corps, deceive no one. To save the Comédie Française: let’s not change anything so that everything stays as before. ” At the theater tonight »the sets are by Roger Harth de Gaulle, the costumes are by Donald Cardwell Mitterrand: The five-legged mink, Prohibited to the public, Business is business, The Invoice… “And even if it’s not true, even if I’m lying / If the words are worn, light as the wind / And even if our story ends in the morning / I promise you a moment of fever and sweetness / Not all at night but for a few hours…”.

Johnny Mélenchon – and at the same time – Emmanuel Hallyday.

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The 12 labors of the Gallic Hercules

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