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Violent Night is an upcoming film starring David Harbor as the titular Santa Claus. One unfortunate night, Santa finds himself in the middle of a home invasion while delivering gifts, and Santa suddenly has to become a caretaker. With the team behind Nobody and Bullet Train behind it, this Santa is a guaranteed badass.

Of course, Harbor is far from the first badass Santa Claus. Making Santa Claus a powerful man is a common trope that dates back to the 1950s. From Satan to terrorists, Santa Claus has defeated a whole gallery of enemies.

9/9 Fatman (2020) – Chris

In this black comedy, Mel Gibson plays a very jaded Santa Claus, now passed by Chris, working for the US government to continue his annual trips. He spends most of his time drinking his troubles away, as fewer and fewer kids believe in Jolly Ol’ St. Nick. However, a spoiled little boy decides to hire a hitman to kill Santa Claus after he is sent a lump of coal.

The “Skinny Man” is a ruthless hitman who enjoys collecting trinkets and useless Christmas toys on his missions, and getting the chance to kill Santa Claus excites him. However, he finds Chris to be more than he expected, almost superhuman in his durability and capacity for violence. If he is not in pure power, this Santa Claus is impressive by his tenacity.

8/9 Arthur Christmas (2011) – Grandfather Christmas

Arthur Christmas presents a whole family of Santa Clauses. While most would believe the brawny Steve Claus would be the badass Santa in the family, and he’s certainly no slouch in that department, he doesn’t have the experience or repertoire of his big -father, Grandsanta.

Grandsanta was an active Santa during the height of World War II and braved anti-aircraft fire that shot down everything in sight, and even took twelve hits in the process. All without any of the technology his family now had, and half-drunk with his elves. Even in times of war, children need the joy of Christmas.

7/9 Regular Show (2010) – Badass Santa

The duo of Mordecai and Rigby meet the iconic Santa Claus in one of the best episodes of Regular Show. This Santa Claus is a far cry from the jovial man they expected. Voiced by the charmingly grumpy Ed Asner, Santa Claus takes his job of bringing joy to children with surprising earnestness and sincerity.

With his centuries of work, he’s also become a jaded old man, with absurd contingencies in place such as keeping fit (“Santa Claus has a six-pack”) and wearing a bulletproof vest under his overcoat, which which saves his life when he gets shot. It’s an incredibly different take on Santa Claus, as you’d expect from a show that cast Death as a British biker.

6/9 Santa’s Slay (2005) – Santa Goldberg

In Santa’s Slay, Santa Claus is not a happy bearer of gifts for children. At least not anymore. It turns out that Santa Claus was just cursed by an angel to do these things, because he was the son of Satan himself. However, when the curse finally wears off, it’s not long before Santa Claus wreaks havoc on the world he’s been forced to smile and serve for centuries.

There’s not much more to say about the past premise “It’s former WCW Champion Goldberg who was given demonic powers and a Santa Claus outfit.” That alone should tell audiences just how dangerous this murderous version of Santa Claus is. The angel could never hope to defeat this Santa Claus in direct combat, only being able to fool him with oaths and curses.

5/9 Futurama (1999) – Robot Santa

At Futurama, we don’t celebrate Christmas, but rather “X-Mas”. After Mom’s Friendly Robot Company accidentally sets its own bot Santa’s moral standards too high, Robot Santa has spent nearly its entire existence exterminating those it deems evil, which happens to be everyone. So much for a heartwarming episode of Futurama at Christmas.

It shows how powerful he is that despite being the future, Robot Santa is seen as a global threat, and curfews are enforced like The Purge every Christmas night to ensure no one dies. of a needless Christmas-themed death. From candy cane blades to napalm bunnies, this is one Santa who takes his list way too seriously.

4/9 El Santo Claus (1959) – Demon Slayer Santa

In this hilarious B-movie, Santa Claus has his annual Christmas preparations brutally interrupted by Lucifer’s minion, Pitch. Lucifer wants to replace Santa Claus and forces the children of the world to commit evil. However, with the help of Merlin (yes, the wizard Merlin) and his interdimensional powers, Santa Claus swears to save Christmas.

El Santo Claus is a film that does not age well at all. From Santa’s army of child labor around the world, its cheesy effects that would make Ed Wood blush, and a story that pits Saint Nick against the forces of evil, it’s a great movie to watch with friends on a Saturday night, and that’s how to present an absurdly powerful version of Santa Claus.

3/9 The Librarians (2014) – Bruce Campbell Santa

In The Librarians, Santa Claus is played by Bruce Campbell, and also happens to be the immortal avatar of goodwill. He also happens to be the reincarnation of Odin. The many forms it has taken over the years are dedicated to a singular and noble purpose: to bring happiness to humanity in its darkest winters.

Santa Claus, in this incarnation, has reality warping powers, minor omniscience, temporary omnipresence on Christmas Day, and superhuman empathy, making him able to understand anyone he lays eyes on. Although he has weaknesses in the form of Holly and Mistletoe (similar to the Baldur of Norse mythos), this doesn’t diminish his power, much like Kryptonite doesn’t stop Superman from being a great hero.

2/9 Kyouran Kazoku (2008) – Shonen Santa

It shouldn’t be shocking that the anime has its absurd version of Santa Claus, but you wouldn’t expect that in a magical catgirl anime. As is shonen tradition, this Santa Claus is insanely crazy, faster than the eye can see, and even has his own version of the Kamehameha, the “Merry Christmas Beam.”

Of course, this being an anime, the little catgirl somehow manages to defeat this Super Saiyan Santa / Although it should be noted that said catgirl was an ancient demon who left her realm to discover her true purpose, and his memories were erased as a result. Fun fact, this is all from a romantic slice-of-life anime.

1/9 Avengers Assemble (2012) – Jolnir

It takes a special kind of Santa Claus to do what he does in a multiverse like Marvel, and that’s exactly what Avengers Assemble gives comic book fans. Santa Claus, real name Jolnir, is the child of a light elf and a frost giant, and the only half-blood of his kind. This divine lineage makes him an incredibly powerful being.

He is older than the Norse gods themselves, possesses a deep reservoir of mystical energy, and even warps the fabric of space and time to enable his nightly deliveries around the world. When one reaches power levels comparable to Allfather Odin, it’s no wonder Christmas stays strong even in a world plagued by wickedness.

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The 10 Most Powerful Versions Of Santa In Movies And TV, Ranked | Pretty Reel

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