“Talk to her”, on Ciné + Club: Marco and Benigno, two men at the bedside of their beloved


It is the story of a friendship between two men, sealed at the bedside of a woman ravished by death. It is also a chronicle of amorous passion taken to the limits of the supernatural and madness. It is yet another evocation, dark and lyrical, of the redemptive power of art in the face of the finitude and inadequacies of life. Finally, it is a melodrama of stunning beauty, which deconstructs with virtuosity the linearity of the old cinematographic fable to better revitalize it with the immemorial spells of live performance, vibrating with song (Caetano Veloso), throbbing with dance (Pina Bausch ), consecrating the bloodshed in bullfighting, or rising from its ashes with the expressionism of silent cinema.

It is moreover at the show that Speak with her begins and ends, the space-time separating these two points under the sign of absence and belief (i.e. under that of cinema) finally making possible the rebirth of two characters to life and the reincarnation of the ‘love.

Marco, a writer approaching his forties, and Benigno, a young nurse, are the two main protagonists of this Passion, at the end of which one will, by sacrificing himself, transmit the madness of his faith to the other.

A gesture of defiance

The first, a male adventurer with a bruised soul, falls in love with a female bullfighter who abandons him, before falling, in a gesture of defiance, under the horns of a bull hurled at her like a black fatality. The second, long confined to the skirts of an authoritarian mother, is an effeminate young man, who is infatuated with Alicia, a pale adolescent with inaccessible beauty. Plunged into an irreversible coma following an accident, the young girl is hospitalized in a clinic where Benigno manages to get himself appointed nurse to finally possess her all to himself.

It is there that the two men meet, near the inert body of their beloved. While Marco does not know what to say in front of the tortured body of his beloved, Benigno does not stop talking to Alicia, maintaining and caressing her flesh, convinced that she will one day come back to life. As a shot will reveal (face to face on either side of a glass wall, each face superimposed on the reflection of the other face), these two men could well be one.

Associated with the immaculate body of the young virgin who fascinates them, Marco, the man who cries before any carnal manifestation of beauty, and Benigno, the virgin who talks to death, thus seem to embody the two sides of a scandal that never Didn’t wait for Pedro Almodovar to shock the incredulous: that of the verb that becomes flesh. However, it is up to the filmmaker to have returned this ancient story to its madness and to have taken it to its highest degree of baroque sensuality.

Speak with her, by Pedro Almodóvar. With Javier Camara, Dario Grandinetti, Leonor Watling, Rosario Flores, Mariola Fuentes, Géraldine Chaplin (Sp., 2002, 112 min).

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“Talk to her”, on Ciné + Club: Marco and Benigno, two men at the bedside of their beloved

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