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Excellent news for French readers who will be able to discover in France from 2023 Superman Chronicles of John Byrnebut also JSA Chronicles (Justice Society of America) and Flashpoint Beyond of Geoff Johns.

Geoff Johns’ JSA Chronicles and Flashpoint Beyond are coming in 2023

It was during a long interview with the editorial director ofUrban Comics, Francois Hercouet – granted during the podcast FirstPrint ofArnoKikoo and Corentin of Comicsblogthat new announcements for the year 2023 have been made, in particular for the collection DC Chronicles which will (soon) grow. Thereby, after Batman Chronicles, Urban Comics will offer next year JSA Chroniclesbut also Superman Chroniclesbut we come back to it later.

From March 2023, the JSA of Geoff Johns will therefore land via the pages of the first volume of JSA Chronicles who will collect All-Star Comics #1-2, Adventure Comics #1, All-American Comics #1, National Comics #1, Sensation Comics #1, Smash Comics #1, Star Spangled Comics #1, Thrilling Comics #1, JSA Secret Files #1, All-Star Comics 80-Page Giant #1, Secret Origins of Super-Villains 80-Page Giant #1 as well as the numbers JSA #1-5. JSA Chronicles 1999 will land on March 31, 2023 in the collection DC Chroniclesfor 35€.

On the eve of the reincarnation on Earth of the avatar of Nabu, Wesley Dodds, historic Sandman, loses his life against Mordru, a dark wizard seeking to assassinate the chosen ones likely to welcome the spirit of the Lord of Order. Faced with this new ordeal, Black Canary, Starman and Hourman join veterans Alan Scott and Jay Garrick to form the new incarnation of the Justice Society. Aside from Mordru, the new team will encounter the relentless Black Adam, the terrorist cult Kobra, and the reality manipulator Extant. The opportunity for the members of this new JSA to remember the almost family ties that made the team one of the most united in the history of heroes of the 1940s.

Urban Comics will dedicate the month of March 2023 to the author Geoff Johns and will also come out flash point Beyond in collection DC Infinite. An album that will collect issues #0 to #6 of the mini-series written by Johns and illustrated by Eduardo Risso. As a reminder, Flashpoint Beyond is an event mini-series launched by DC this year, more or less at the same time as Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Introduced in 2011 via Major Event flash point, Flashpoint Beyond reborn from its ashes this universe, and returns the Batman of thomas wayne in his formerly vanished universe. Here, Thomas must face the mysterious Clockwork Killerand Johns takes advantage of the mini-series to reveal important elements related to the universe DC as we know it today. Release planned in France on March 17, 2023 in the collection DC Infinite.

The French publisher does not intend to stop there, because Urban already tease the upcoming arrival also written accounts of Geoff Johns on the character he created, star girl – but also new adventures of the JSA who are landing at this very moment across the Atlantic in the era DC Infinite. Shazam Rebirth Volume 2 will also land in March 2022.

THE WORLD OF FLASHPOINT, AT THE ORIGIN OF THE GREAT CHANGE OF 2011, IS BACK! After sacrificing everything to help Flash reshape the universe and save Bruce Wayne’s life, Thomas Wayne wakes up in a world he thought was gone. Forced to don the Batman mask once again, he roams the streets of Gotham in search of answers. A quest that could well send him to the four corners of the world; especially in Europe.

Superman Chronicles by John Byrne also in the game in 2023

Comicsblog also announced another big release for the year 2023. So after Batman Chronicles and JSA Chronicles, Urban Comics will publish in the year 2023 Superman Chronicles (from next April), for the 85th anniversary of the Man of Steel. This first volume will collect The Man of Steel #1-6, Superman #1-4, Action Comics #584-587and Adventures of Superman #424-428 – either the composition of man of steel volume 1 released at Urban Comics in 2018. This first volume will contain 488 pages and will be sold for €35.

We also learn that a Superman Chronicles 1987 Vol. 2 will also be there and collect the numbers Superman #5-8, Action Comics #588-591, Adventures of Superman #429-430, Hawkman #10, Legion of Super-Heroes #37-38 and Superman Annual #1. I invite you to read the article of Comicsblog to discover the provisional covers.

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Superman Chronicles (John Byrne), JSA Chronicles and Flashpoint Beyond (Geoff Johns) land in 2023 at Urban Comics | DC Planet

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