Stranger Things season 4 (Netflix): who is Vecna? (spoiler)

Season 4 episode 7 of Stranger Things ended with a major twist, revealing to us the true identity of Vecna, the new antagonist of the Netflix series. Beware of spoilers!

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Since May 27, 2022, fans of Stranger Things have access to the first seven episodes of Season 4. The last two will be unveiled on July 1 on the Netflix catalog, release date of volume 2. While we now know why some episodes are as long, or even longer, than films, viewers also now know who is really hiding behind the name of Vecna, major antagonist of season 4 of Stranger Things. Prior to the release of this sequel, everyone assumed the character would be portrayed as that of Dungeons & Dragons, a game he is inspired by. The many theories also suggested that Vecna ​​could be an evil reincarnation of Billy, Max’s brother who died at the end of season 3. Well not at all! The identity of this watch that rages in the depths of the Upside Down has just been revealed… Episode 7 thus allows us to better understand why he looked almost human. So who is he really? Watch out for the spoilers that follow!

Exploring Eleven’s past allows us to find out who Vecna ​​is in season 4 of Stranger Things

After being captured by Dr. Brenner’s teams, Eleven finally agreed to dive back into the memories of her past in order to later regain his powers. She thus discovered that the man who pretended to help her when she was little was actually another patient of the doctor. He was patient One, and perhaps the worst being she had ever met… And for good reason, episode 7 of Stranger Things revealed to us that he was also Henry Creel, Victor’s son, now locked up in a psychiatric hospital. If the father of the family always believed that a demon had murdered his family, it is false. The death of his wife and daughter is the work of Henry Creel, endowed with powers of telekinesis and other gifts forever. When Eleven realized who he really was, after he killed all of their lab siblings, she flew into a mad rage. She therefore fought with him, before throwing him unwittingly into the Upside Down, creating a portal at the same time. Falling into darkness, Henry Creel/One then turned into…Vecna.

How Jamie Campbell Bower turned into Vecna ​​in Stranger Things ?

The performer of the formidable Vecna ​​is none other than Jamie Campbell Bowerseen in Sweeney Todd, the evil barber of Fleet Street. To become Vecna, the actor had to bear the weight and discomfort of many prosthesesas he revealed to Entertainment Weekly : “When I wore the suit, it was about applying these sensibilities that I had created in my mind. The hand is this amazing thing that has all these metallic threads in it, so the fingers get pretty dexterous.” The voice work took him even longer, as it was not edited in post-production. The actor had to practice for a long time before finding what intonation would be the most suitable for Vecna’s character: “I was sending Matt and Ross [Duffer, ndlr] audio recordings of me with creepy vampire music underneath as the voice work progressed. I have countless videos on my computer of me doing it… well, doing it wrong, and walking around pretty much naked. It was funny.”

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Stranger Things season 4 (Netflix): who is Vecna? (spoiler)

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