Stomy Bugsy (Léo Mattéï): “Donna, Jean-Luc Reichmann’s dog, is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe”

This Thursday, March 3, TF1 broadcasts the last episode of season 9 Léo Matteï, minors brigade, marked by many changes. Among them, the arrival, alongside the policeman (Jean-Luc Reichmann) of a new commissioner played by Stomy Bugsy, who had already distinguished himself at the cinema in Gomez and Tavares and Pretty Things. The former member of Amer Ministry proves to be very invested in this “composition role” . The detective series, whose fans are hoping for a season 10, indeed delivers an essential message for him. Confidences.

“I am a super warm person in life”

What led you to put on Commissioner Daguerre’s uniform?

Jean-Luc Reichmann chose me. And as I love the character, I accepted. I feel like he’s part of the family. He’s been there for so long on TV. And then the message that the series delivers is important. It’s an alarm system for parents, for children. Watching this series can help people… And then, until now, I had only taken on the role of ripoux. It was good to play a cold commissioner, whereas I am a super warm person in life.

“I call Jean-Luc Reichmann the control tower”

What did you like about your character, Commissioner Daguerre?

He is a somewhat tortured man, like all the people who work in this minors’ brigade. What was interesting to play was this kind of showdown that he started with Léo Matteï at the start. Because he is the real leader of the team: it is his brigade! And he has to deal with a youngster who arrives. On the set, Jean-Luc Reichmann is also the boss. I call it the control tower. He supervises everything, he is always on the alert and never rests… As a newcomer to the series, I also had to impose myself. It was doubly exciting to experience, in life, as on the set.

Stomy Bugsy advised by Jean-Luc Reichmann

How did the work dynamic with Jean-Luc Reichmann get started?

He gave me a lot of advice on my acting, which can be a little theatrical, and rolled out the red carpet for me. I’m vegan, and he made sure that I always had a suitable dish… Working alongside him was very pleasant. I didn’t know him and I discovered a hard worker, always in a good mood, always on the go. He’s not there for nothing.

The commissioner does a lot of sports. Like you ?

Yes, I am a sports buff. I do it every day. It lets me off steam, it maintains me and allows me not to give in to temptations, to addictions. Sport keeps me straight and keeps me away from what is negative…

Stomy Bugsy vegan as the character played by Lola Dubini

In the series, Inès Salma, the character played by Lola Dubini is vegan. In life, you are. Why did you decide to become one?

I became one on a whim almost six years ago. The less meat I ate, the better I felt. The more I watched reports, the more I understood that human beings should be the guarantors of this planet and protect and respect animals. One day, no one will eat meat. There’s. has it all in vegetables… Being vegan makes me better, makes me look at the world differently.

With Ministère Amer, you weren’t kind to the police… Today, you play a cop… Has your view of things changed?

Inevitably, the vision when you are 18 years old and when you are 49 years old, is different. Especially since my social condition has changed: I don’t live in the same neighborhoods anymore, I’m less controlled and I also do less bullshit (He laughs). Even at the time of Ministry Amer, I always recognized that there were good policemen. Léo Matteï pays tribute to them. Basically, a police officer is a peacekeeper, someone who saves lives. It must be remembered.

A word about Donna, Jean-Luc Reichmann’s dog, to whom you gave the line…

Donna…it’s not a dog anymore, it’s the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe (He’s laughing!). She is excellent! She’s fantastic: she catches the light, you tell her not to move, she doesn’t move… I’ve seen animals of hers on the sets, but she has an impressive ease in front of the cameras. Donna really has a lot of charisma, she’s super sweet, she’s a sweetheart. She’s the real star: I told Jean-Luc that we should rename the series Donna Mattéï.

What about music? You haven’t released a solo album since 2015…

I’ve been working on a new album for eleven months. I take my time. I already have eight songs that I love. They talk about my vision of love, what I have known of love, what I hope for love, my fantasies, some dreams and nightmares…

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Stomy Bugsy (Léo Mattéï): “Donna, Jean-Luc Reichmann’s dog, is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe”

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