Snoop Dogg: 5 crazy anecdotes that we would like to see in his biopic

The news, announced a few days ago by the media variety, delighted fans of American hip-hop. Allen Hughes, co-director of the cult film Menace II Society (1993) and Joe Robert Cole, co-writer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) are working on a biopic dedicated to the Californian rapper Snoop Dogg, The charismatic and prolific 51-year-old artist will even collaborate on the feature film produced by Universal Pictures. While waiting to learn more about this enticing project (which has no title or release date), here are the earthy anecdotes that we would like to see transcribed on the screen and which are an integral part of the bling image and delirious of this living legend.

Snoop Dogg © DR

Snoop Dogg © DR

1. $422,000 – in cash – in Louis Vuitton luggage

Like members of organized crime, Snoop Dogg walks around with a lot of cash on him. In 2015, the Californian rapper was on tour in Europe. And when he was about to take a private plane in Italy (to go to London), he was arrested by the authorities of the country who found in one of his luggage signed Louis Vuitton 422,000 dollars (about 409,000 euros) in cash. The problem is that in Europe, the maximum amount authorized to be transported in a private plane is 10,000 euros. Snoop Dogg’s lawyer had to explain that this was money from the concerts and not from any illegal activity. The rapper therefore had to pay a fine, which in view of what he earns, seems to be a junk. This is one of the many disputes of the interpreter of Sensual Seduction (2007) with justice. He was also arrested for possession of drugs and a weapon.

2. Gold-priced featurings

Last April, Snoop Dogg revealed during the podcast Full Send that for a collaboration with him, it was necessary to count 250,000 dollars minimum (or approximately 242,202 euros). The one who has already put his recognizable flow among a thousand on pieces ofHeidi KlumEddie Murphy and Katy Perry added that it was however necessary to pay even more (i.e. double) if we wanted to see him wiggle his hips, adorned with jewelry and extravagant looks, distilling his legendary nonchalance in a clip. But at this price, he specifies:And you only have an hour to film.”

The video for “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” (1993) by Snoop Dogg

3. A seal at the White House

Notorious cannabis smoker, Snoop Dogg employs a person just to roll his joints for him. He also confided this year to have increased it due to inflation (the person was paid until then 50,000 dollars a year). He also published in 2012 a book “to smoke” (Rolling Words: Snoop Dogg’s Smokable Song Book) whose pages turned into rolling papers. But Snoop Dogg has no limits in the consumption of his passion. The man who was banned from Norway for two reasons because he had a very large quantity of marijuana on him at the airport, confessed during his show GGN in 2014 having already lit a “magic cigarette” during a visit to the White House. He allegedly told the Secret Service that he had to go to the bathroom to avoid being noticed. Four years later, the rapper was filmed smoking a joint in front of the White House while insulting the president in place: Donald Trump.

4. The Rastafarian Adventure

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. (real name) was nicknamed “Snoopy” by his mother from childhood.due to his resemblance to the main comic dog character Peanuts. He therefore opted for the nickname Snoop “Doggy” Dogg (later shortened) by launching into music. But in 2012, the artist decided to take a break from gangsta rap after a spiritual revelation in Jamaica. He then threw himself into reggae with an album (reincarnated, released in 2013) and a documentary and calls himself Snoop Lion. During a press conference in New York, the then 40-year-old rapper said: “I went to the temple where a high priest asked me my name, I said ‘Snoop Dogg’. He looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘Not anymore. You are the light, you are the lion’. And there, it’s as if I had begun to understand why I had come to this place.” He adds at the same time that he is the reincarnation of Bob Marley and says that he has always felt Rastafarian. Since then, of course, Snoop Dogg has continued to smoke up his world with other reinventions, in particular with the nickname Snoopzilla, a funk version of Snoop , in 2013.

Snoop Dogg in his book "It's smoking in the kitchen!" (Solar Editions)
Snoop Dogg in his book "It's smoking in the kitchen!" (Solar Editions)

Snoop Dogg in his book “It smokes in the kitchen!” (Solar Editions)

5. A not-so-smoky culinary career

In addition to being an actor in his spare time (we saw it in particular this year in Day-Shift on Netflix alongside Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco), the Californian rapper has a passion for cooking. He has been hosting since 2016 with American television personality Martha Stewart a crisp cooking show called Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party (aired on VH1). The two stars (who form an unlikely but endearing duo) cook there for their famous friends in a relaxed atmosphere. For those who do not understand English well, Snoop Dogg has also released a book (translated into French by Solar editions in 2019) entitled It’s smoking in the kitchen!. Those who are on a diet will pass their turn since among the fifty cult recipes of the rapper, we find pancakes, brownies, fried chicken, cornmeal tacos, cheese quesadillas, chicken waffles, a turkey with herbs, gravy sauce or even a chocolate cake… Enough to find inspiration for an invigorating and pop 2022 Christmas meal menu.

The Snoop Dogg biopic doesn’t yet have a release date.

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Snoop Dogg: 5 crazy anecdotes that we would like to see in his biopic

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