Sheila in mourning: her heartbreaking secrets about her son, Ludovic Chancel, “gone to the other side”

Sunday September 4, 2022, Sheila was invited on the set of Vivement Dimanche, on France 3. Five years after the death of her son, Ludovic Chancel, the singer made heartbreaking secrets about her mourning.

A pain that no parent should know… On July 8, 2017, Sheila lost her only son, Ludovic Chancel. At 42, the young man died of a drug overdose. Sunday September 4, 2022, the singer was invited to Vivement Dimanche, on France 3. Moved, Michel Drucker confided to her: “We were very attached to your son!“In all transparency, the famous host confided: “When I read the text of the song The rumor (…) The famous rumor that haunted you for many years. Objectively, I don’t know how you resurfaced after that. Because a slander like that is unique in the entire history of the profession.

Faced with a photo where she hugs her son, Sheila let go: “What to say to you, Ludo you see it, it is beautiful, it is there. He had a life which is obviously not the one I would have chosen for him. Afterwards, his road is his road, it obviously traumatized mine a lot because he went to the other side. And unfortunately the parents who lose a child, you never recover from it, you have to know that.“Referring to the writing of the title The Rumor, the artist explained:”I wanted to do this song first because I wanted to pay homage to her, I wanted to explain the internal heartbreak that a mother experiences (…) I’m not the only one, there are lots of mothers who lose their son and I find that compared to that, I wanted, through a little song, that we share our grief.

Sheila: “You can’t get over something like this”

Friday June 12, 2021, at the microphone of Michel Denisot on Europe 1, the singer had already declared: “What helps me – because you can’t recover from such a thing – is that I believe that you are surrounded by souls. And Ludo, he is always close to me. As I believe in reincarnation, I tell myself that he left because he had done this bit of life where he had learned and unlearned everything he needed to knowbut it is to rebuild another one.“Convinced that her son accompanies her on a daily basis, Sheila added:”He is always present at my house. And I talk to him about it. There are times when I get annoyed, there are times when I tell her that I love her, because that’s the meaning of life after all. But he is there. But anyway, honestly, if I hadn’t had that, if I didn’t have the music and if I hadn’t had this belief, I think I wouldn’t be here.

Sheila in mourning: her heartbreaking secrets about her son, Ludovic Chancel, “gone to the other side”

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