Reading for the weekend with these three comics to discover

“Campaign Logs”

For a few years, among our French neighbors, there has been a real craze for political comics. Some authors and cartoonists opt for humor and parody, others for the historical aspect. And then there is also the wonderful work of Mathieu Sapin who sketches behind the scenes of elections and presidential mandates. As discreetly as possible, it follows the movements of a president or a candidate and immerses the reader in the underside of politics. For the presidential election of 2022, Mathieu Sapin once again drew his notebook. But this time, he surrounded himself with five other designers. Each followed a candidate for a few months. Mathieu Sapin took care of Macron, but we also find the campaigns of Jadot, Pécresse, Mélenchon, Roussel, Hidalgo, Le Pen and Zemmour. Each presents in his style and with his eyes slices of this interminable campaign until its outcome last April. A fun, captivating and instructive twelve-hand drawn album!

“Campaign notebooks”, by Sapin, Louison, Kokopello, Lara and Navarro, Dargaud/Seuil editions, 240 pages, €22.5

“Flying Leaves”

In recent years, Alexandre Clérisse has stood out and imposed his style with albums such as “Souvenirs de l’empire de l’Atom”, “L’Été Diabolik” or “Une Année sans Cthulhu”. In this spring of 2022, he returns as a complete author by creating the scenario, the design and the colors of “Flying Leaves”. We recognize at first glance its graphic touch. It’s pretty, colorful and captivating. On the script side, however, you have to hang on a little more because this graphic novel will take you on a journey through the ages. It begins with the story of Max, a young boy who dreams of becoming a comic book artist in the 90s. One thing leading to another, we follow the adventures of a copyist monk in the Middle Ages during the advent of printing. Finally, a third story intertwines with the other two and will plunge you into 2050. What do they have in common? These three heroes are crazy about drawings. A colorful and intriguing journey on the creative process through the ages.

“Flying sheets”, by Alexandre Clérisse, 144 pages, €23


Adventure, esotericism, folklore and pirates, here is the program of “Arjuna”. This great adventure story is signed Mathieu Mariolle and beautifully drawn by Laurence Baldetti. In the 19th century, in India, the inhabitants fear the arrival of a child who could be the reincarnation of Ravana, a powerful demon. Arjuna is an intrepid young woman endowed with powerful powers that she makes available to the highest bidder. This is what she will do for an English colonel who asked her to bring his daughter back to the Kingdom. This maritime journey will lead the two young women into the lair of separatist pirates. Filled with magic, “Arjuna” takes the reader on a long journey through colonial India with a healthy dose of creatures from Indian folklore. A rhythmic, pretty and original one-shot to discover!

“Arjuna”, by Mariolle, Baldetti and Vial, Glénat editions, 96 pages, €19

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Reading for the weekend with these three comics to discover

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