Philippe Caverivière, Agathe Lecaron, Julien Febreau: The media year 2022 seen by… Nathalie Lévy

What to remember from the past media year? At the end of the year, invited several personalities to come back to the last twelve months, with the now traditional “Media year seen by…”. Nathalie Lévy, presenter of “En aparté” on Canal+.

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The media personality of the year?
This one was wrong: that her hair protruded from her veil. Mahsa Amini was 22 years old. Since then, the planet has heard the cry of Iranian women. Let’s be many to carry their voice.

Politician of the year?
The former comedian, Volodymyr Zelensky, a neophyte in politics turned president. In his series “Servant of the people”, he already played the role of his life. Between reality and fiction, there is only one step.

The media stunt of the year?
This Mondial 2022 and its audience success, is very very far from the announced boycott.

The media lie of the year?
Elon Musk’s escapades since the Twitter takeover… Layoffs, Trump’s return, banned journalists… where will he stop? Will he respect the vote in favor of his resignation?

TV show of the year?
For once, assumed sin of pride: “En Aparté” every evening at 8:30 p.m. unencrypted on Canal+ because this meeting is a passport for the human being, but above all, to pay tribute to a sublime person, a talented craftsman, Stéphane Ribeiro, formidable artistic producer, who left us at the beginning of December and whom we miss.

Radio show of the year?
The morning of franceinfo: of which I am an unconditional. Marc Fauvelle always has the right tone, the right word, the precise question.

The series of the year?
If you don’t have time to read Elena Ferrante’s tetralogy, watch the remarkable series “The Prodigious Friend”. A slice of life in the Naples of the 50s. A story of friendship, fusion, rivalry, inequality, detachment, with two heroines at the top.

Your favorite social media account this year?
Etienne Dorsay on Twitter or the subtle reincarnation of the immense Jean Rochefort.

The media skid of the year?
American rapper Kanye West who confesses his admiration for Hitler and the Nazis. How far will his fall go?

The TV/radio flop of the year?
The job is more and more difficult, no need to add to it…

The journalist of the year?
Philippe Caverivière who knows how to do everything with words… And the passionate Julien Febreau who will make the most recalcitrant love F1!

Host of the year?
The mischievous and warm Agathe Lecaron.

The image, the event of the year?
Iranian women honored by “Time Magazine”.

The media personality who will mark 2023?
It seems that Inflation takes a capital letter…

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Philippe Caverivière, Agathe Lecaron, Julien Febreau: The media year 2022 seen by… Nathalie Lévy

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