One Piece: The 5 best theories about the

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has been a story filled with mystery, prophecy, and a substantial amount of in-depth storytelling. One of the biggest mysteries yet to be revealed concerns the “Void Century”, which contains details of the true history of the One Piece world.

Not only does this open the door to a better understanding of the current story context and expose what the World Government is hiding, but it also ties into many other factors that the Manga has presented more recently. With the Wano arc over, the Straw Hats are now at Egghead Island, where more clues and details regarding the past are uncovered, along with the revelation of Dr. Vegapunk and his counterparts.

5/5 – Advanced technology from the past


Chapter 1066 gave fans an idea of ​​what to expect regarding what the “Void Century” might have maintained. With the World Government’s intentions to eliminate Dr. Vegapunk given the idea that he has information about the past, this remains the biggest clue yet. Egghead Island is a place filled with futuristic technology and advanced features, through its landscape, machinery, and clothing.

While most of this could stem from Dr. Vegapunk’s genius, it’s clear he doesn’t know what’s been hidden from the world’s eyes. In chapter 1060, Imu sets the destruction of the whole country of Lulusia when it is revealed by Sabo that there might be information that could reveal some secrets. This would also be related to what might have happened during the God Valley incident, as this is another island that has ceased to exist. The World Government’s urgency to destroy anything that might give a glimpse of the past is ever-present with Dr. Vegapunk, which may lead many fans to wonder if Egghead Island is the closest thing to the past.

4/5 – Dr. Vegapunk, Creator of Devil Fruits


Chapter 1067 revealed some of what many fans had already predicted before the Dr. Vegapunk reveal. It is implied that Vegapunk is working, or at least worked, on the creation of the Devil Fruits, as he mentions the creation of a faulty fruit which turns out to be the very fruit Wano’s Momonosuke had eaten and which is akin to to Kaido’s dragon form and abilities. Despite this, it’s still debated if Vegapunk is the primary source for these creations, or if it simply maintains a vast amount of vital knowledge about how they work.

With this new arc underway and Vegapunk being a clear ally of the Straw Hats with Luffy’s request for help, fans are sure to find out more about the true source of Devil Fruits, and how it will tie into the ‘Void Century’.

3/5 – Giant Joyboy


Speaking of Devil Fruits, Wano contained one of the biggest One Piece reveals in the story to date. Luffy’s Gear 5 awakening led to the explanation that the Gomu Gomu No Mi Fruit was not a Paramecia, but actually a Zoan Fruit known by the model name Hito Hito No Mi: Nika. Along with this, it was revealed that Luffy is indeed Joyboy, and while it’s not absolutely clear who Joyboy was or what Joyboy is, it does give fans another clue to the mysteries present in the story. . At the end of the Dressrosa arc which featured Doflamingo’s defeat at the hands of Luffy, Imu is seen staring at Luffy’s wanted poster while standing in front of a large straw hat identical to Luffy’s.

Considering Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation and the ability to transform into a giant as seen in his battle with Kaido, this opens the door to the theory of a former Joyboy being a giant. Even though it’s clear that Luffy isn’t a reincarnation of Joyboy, it hasn’t been revealed yet what this thing or person was, making it much harder for fans to figure out the meaning of this. huge straw hat.

2/5 – Clan D overthrown


If there is another factor more related to the ‘Void Century’, it would be the D clan and what it entails. This remains one of the biggest secrets kept by Oda up to this point in the story, and many fans continued to speculate. Based on the theory of the past which is that of an advanced civilization and the fans’ knowledge of Clan D being the natural enemy of the Celestial Dragons, it seems that the members of this clan may have been the rulers of several kingdoms years ago. So far, almost every character in One Piece with D in their names has shown some kind of disdain towards the World Government. Marines such as Luffy’s grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, who is considered a hero by the world, oppose the World Government and do not wish to serve directly under them.

Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Dragon, is the direct antagonist in the eyes of the World Government, as the Revolutionary Army is at war with them. All of this may imply that the characters in the current context of this story are descendants of deceased members of Clan D, and it is written that these descendants will take back what was once theirs and overcome the evil of the World Nobles.

1/5 – The One Piece


Most important is the very thing that the whole story is about. Many theories regarding One Piece question what it can be and what it means to the world. The World Government seems adamant about keeping this out of the hands of hackers, and it could very well be because the One Piece is the very thing that reveals the truth about the world and the “Void Century”. Gol D. Roger’s last words during his execution were those that explained that the One Piece “contains everything the world has to offer”.

This almost certifies that if the One Piece is not just information based on the past, it still certainly has information that will be useful for hackers to understand. As One Piece has entered its endgame with more mysteries finally nearing their reveal, fans should know that it will eventually be revealed and juxtaposed with all the other important details of its world.

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One Piece: The 5 best theories about the

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