NBA – “I saw Wembanyama play, I could have left after 5 minutes”

With his prowess on American territory, Victor Wembanyama has pocketed an impressive number of observers. However, this is also the case on the side of the leaders, who have been full of praise for him. The Athletic collected a rather crazy anthology.

He was eagerly awaited during his visit to the United States, he who competed against Team Ignite of the G League, for which his rival Scoot Henderson also plays. But if his team only won one out of two meetings, Victor Wembanyama made absolutely everyone agree: the future superstar of the 2023 vintage is him. Too big, too technical and too gifted with the ball in hand, the young Frenchman shone with a thousand lights in front of totally amazed observers.

Since his two masterclasses, his name has been on everyone’s lips, including NBA players since he has been dubbed by monsters such as LeBron JamesKevin Durant or even Stephen Curry. The discourse is also similar on the side of the executives of the franchises, the tanking race for him promises to be historically wild. The Athletic conducted its investigation behind the scenes of the league’s teams, with statements more inflamed than each other. Here is a small anthology.

Victor Wembanyama praised by NBA leaders

Western Leader #1 : I think it’s just a product of how basketball has evolved, that everyone wants basketball without fixed positions – everyone can switch, everyone can shoot, everyone can dribble, anyone can pass. And we just saw it with our own eyes at Wembanyama for the first time in this generation since, most likely, LeBron. I walked into the gym for five minutes. I saw the warm-up and I saw the first five minutes. If I really wanted to, I could leave after that, I had seen enough.

Western Leader #2 : He is a reincarnation of Ralph Sampson in our days of basketball, with his fluidity and his skills ball in hand. When I see Victor, he is now the current example of the skill that we want all of our players to have, and he happens to be 2m21 tall, longer than anyone, and he has all these qualities, in addition to being a good athlete. And he plays hard enough. It ticks all the boxes.

Eastern ruler : I would make him play center, because there is no center in the league who can defend him. None. He moves as if he were 1m98 tall. He shoots like, I can’t say it’s like Steph Curry, but his mechanics feel like it. And that’s what’s crazy. All those great insides apologize for not being able to shoot, because their hands are so big and the ball is so small. This guy has no problem shooting. He simply does.

Difficult to make more laudatory speeches towards the V, which is more awaited than ever in the US. The main question still remains to determine if he will be able to withstand the physical challenge in the league, he who has a rather frail frame. For the rest, however, the leaders do not worry about him, since he is ahead of everyone in his position and his age. With so many advantages, it’s no surprise that it arouses so much covetousness.

It’s official, Victor Wembanyama has brought virtually every NBA executive to their knees, thanks to his nerves over Team Ignite. He is already compared to certain legends of the game, it is now up to him to justify this monstrous hype when he is drafted.

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NBA – “I saw Wembanyama play, I could have left after 5 minutes”

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