Naruto: here are the seven favorite techniques of manga fans

Last month, we introduced you this poll on narutowhich then revealed to us which were the favorite characters of the readers of the famous manga of Masashi Kishimoto. And while the member of the famous Big Three is now considered a classic of the genre by many fans, the work has managed to stand out thanks to its atypical universe with retro-futuristic aspects, where we find characters which have now become iconic, but also techniques of combat (more commonly called jutsu) which are equally recognized. This is why a recent survey asked fans to vote for their favorite jutsu, topped by one of the most iconic techniques from the work.

1) Multi Cloning

Obviously, it is the famous technique of Multi Cloning (Kage Bunshin no Jutsu in VO) which is at the top of the ranking, and for good reason, since it is the signature technique of the protagonist. It is thanks to this technique, developed by Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage, that Naruto was finally able to graduate from the academy, and thus truly begin his adventure to realize his dream, namely to become a shinobi talented enough to to be able to claim the title of Hokage of the hidden village of Konoha one day. The technique of Multi Cloning was recorded in the Scroll of Forbidden Techniques, a scroll where you can find many other techniques considered dangerous, and which had been sealed by Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage. Because unlike a classic Clone technique (or Bunshin no Jutsu), the duplicate created with a Multi Clone is not an intangible illusion, but a physical copy of its user, whose chakra is evenly distributed among the different clones. A technique that will then allow the protagonist to progress much faster than normal, allowing him in particular to accumulate the experience acquired by his clones during his training.


2) Kamui

It’s no surprise that Kamui is one of the best-known techniques of Mangekyō Sharingan, better known among us as the Sharingan Hypnotic Kaleidoscope, referring to an advanced form of the Uchiha clan’s hereditary dojutsu. But the fact is that only a handful of clan members have managed to activate this advanced form of the Sharingan. Kamui has the distinction of being a space-time type technique, thus allowing its user to access a parallel dimension, but also to be able to manipulate the boundary between this dimension and the original one. It is mainly Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake who are known to use Kamui, a technique which has some of its powers associated with each eye, and which only reveals its full potential once the two eyes are brought together. Among the abilities bestowed by Kamui, we find in particular teleportation, or dematerialization.

Kakashi is surprised to see Obito still alive and uses Kamui ||  Naruto vs. Maskedman (English Sub) - YouTube

3) The Infinite Tsukuyomi

While the “classic” Tsukuyomi is already considered one of the most powerful genjutsu in existencethe Infinite Tsukuyomi (or Infinite Lunar Arcana in VF) stands out for its very long range, made possible by projecting the eye of the Divine Tree (or Shinju in VO) on the Moon. This technique was the final step in Madara Uchiha and Tobi’s project, titled Eye of the Moon Plan (Tsuki no Me Keikaku), the activation of this ultimate genjutsu with the objective of trapping the whole world in an illusion, plunging everyone into a dream where everyone is transported to their version of the perfect world. And while they are trapped in this illusion, the Divine Tree will suck everyone’s chakra and consciousness away, until there is nothing left of them.

Infinite Tsukuyomi |  Naruto shippuden, Naruto wallpaper, Naruto

4) Rasengan

Also known as the Swirling Orb, this technique will quickly become Naruto’s favorite attack.. The Rasengan was created by the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, who is none other than Naruto’s father, but also Jiraiya’s student. The protagonist will then manage to appropriate his father’s technique, in particular by combining it in multiple ways, whether with Multi Cloning, or with the famous original technique of Futon – Rasenshuriken (or Fûton – Orb Shuriken in VF), the complete version of Futon – Rasengan which combines the modification of the shape of the chakra into a sphere associated with the element of wind.

Naruto Rasengan — FXhome Community

5) Chidori

Known to us as the Thousand Birdsthis technique was created by Kakashi Hatake, who wanted to combine the nature of his chakra Reason (lightning) at the Rasengan. He will then teach it to Sasuke Uchiha, initially in order to encourage the latter not to use the Cursed Mark of the Sky of Orochimaru. It is from Chidori that many techniques have emergedranging from Lightning Slayer (Raikiri) to its use with Kusanagi’s sword, not to mention the Chidori Eiso (Sharp Spear of the Thousand Birds in VF).

Sasuke Chidori - Puzzle Factory

6) Invocation – Reincarnation of Souls

This technique, created by the Second Hokage, is one of the Kinjutsuthus referring to all the techniques whose teaching and use have been prohibited. Since it can bring the dead back to life, this technique is considered to be contrary to the laws of nature, especially since its use requires human sacrifice. Indeed, to be able to invoke the souls of the deceased via the Reincarnation of Souls (or Edo Tensei in OV), the user must perform a ritual involving the sacrifice of living people, thus giving birth to almost immortal fighters. The technique will then be used by Orochimaru during the attack on the hidden village of Konoha, but also and above all by Kabuto Yakushi who, thanks to his talents in medicine and necromancy, will manage to improve it even more.

Como Madara sabia sair do Edo Tensei e Tobirama, quem criou o Jutsu, não sabia em Naruto Shippuden?  - Critical Hits

7) The Opening of the Eight Heavenly Gates

Probably one of the most cult techniques for fans, but also one of the most tragic. Indeed, the Opening of the Eight Heavenly Gates (or Hachimon Tonkō no Jin) allows a ninja to obtain unimaginable power temporarily, ending in the death of its user. For this, the latter must succeed in opening the Eight Doors, referring to specific points of release present in the circulatory system of the chakra. This system normally helps regulate an individual’s chakra flow. Among the people who succeeded in this technique, we find Rock Lee, Daï Maito and Gaï Maito, the latter having notably shone thanks to this technique during his fight against Madaraallowing him to use his strongest attack, the Yagaia forbidden taijutsu technique.

Naruto Shippuden - Guy opens his Eighth Gate - Death Gate!!  Part 2 - YouTube

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Naruto: here are the seven favorite techniques of manga fans

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