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MCU heroes continue to delight fans like Black Panther with the heartbreaking sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, set to open November 11th. Keeping T’Challa’s legacy vibrant in the MCU universe is key to his fanbase, which over time has grown to understand this complex, larger-than-life character.

Iron Man is another superhero whose fandom has been catapulted since his reincarnation on the big screen in Iron Man but is often misunderstood due to the fine details and aspects of his character. As one of the most beloved and controversial MCU characters, it’s worth taking a closer look at what details are most commonly misinterpreted when it comes to the charismatic yet rambunctious hero.

Iron Man channels Elon Musk

MCU fans were no doubt amused by Elon Musk’s brief appearance in the Iron Man trilogy given the similarity of Tony Stark and Elon Musk in brash and bold leadership styles.

When Stark and Pepper Potts cross paths with Musk in a crowded restaurant, the quick intellectual moment between them could easily be considered a humorous cameo, but its real intention is to shine a light on the mindset of the “billionaire brain” that colors and influences everything Tony. Stark’s deeds. Although Stark is seen as egotistical and egotistical, he is nowhere near the defiant or narcissist that Musk is, which could also be misconstrued by fans watching this scene.

Iron Man’s Likeability Exceeds Expectations

MCU fans who learned about Iron Man through Robert Downey Jr.’s masterful portrayal of the character might not realize that his self-deprecating, demanding attitude is in keeping with him being the flawed yet powerful warrior.

Iron Man’s personality is on the spectrum from a distant hero to a charismatic conflicted character, which was the intention of his brilliant creator, Stan Lee, in reaction to apathy towards war. Critics could easily attribute Iron Man’s massive popularity to Downey’s jaw-dropping portrayal of that character, but it was actually Lee’s creation as a tormented hero that garnered widespread empathy and loyalty. Ultimately, this elevated him to one of the Marvel Universe’s favorite Avengers.


Iron Man fans are eager to find weakness in this super genius who is not only one of the most powerful Avengers but incredibly clever in creating new technologies to combat evil that defies common logic.

One area that explains his strength but ironically also his deep weakness is his ego. Fans might assume that his buccaneering spirit, setting aside the universe and its limits, is enough to survive, but that thought is dispelled in Avenger’s Endgame with his final act of breaking the infinity gauntlet and declaring the Marvel Universe: “I am Iron Man”.

Lee’s unnamed favorite

The existence of the MCU depends on the creative virtuoso of the unforgettable Stan Lee. One could conclude that Lee had a special place in his heart for Iron Man, given that his first appearance in the MCU movies was for Iron Man, playing a Hugh Hefner-like character. He then appeared as a cameo in various roles, from FedEx delivery boy to Larry King in three other films featuring Iron Man, including Avengers Endgame.

Few fans realize he was making a point in creating this Avenger that Lee shared in an interview: “I thought it would be fun to take on the kind of character that nobody would like,” said he said, “and push it down.” ‘throats and make them like him’.

Reason Iron Man loves the opposite sex

In an interview, Lee remarked how surprised he was at the popularity and fan mail of his Iron Man books among female readers, more so than any of his other Marvel characters.

While many critics attribute his charisma and heroic appeal to his strength, wealth and swagger, women have actually felt drawn to him in a protective and motherly way due to his main weakness, his physical heart. Fans actually wanted to be the woman who could heal and save Tony Stark, an outcome that surprised and warmed Lee to his iron man, evoking an interesting aspect of Iron Man’s character that is often misunderstood.

Total confidence in pepper shakers

It’s worth noting that Iron Man seems to trust few people around him throughout the Iron Man movies, for obvious good reasons as he’s the strongest Avenger with many enemies. For fans who love Robert Downey Jr, the portrayal may begin to notice that he rarely accepts items from other associates or acquaintances, but easily and often from Pepper Potts.

This could be misconstrued as part of Tony Stark’s reliance on her as a personal assistant combined with his romantic attraction to her, but that view is pretty superficial. Complete trust is something Iron Man rarely offers, but he does for Pepper Potts, as shown by the fact that he even allows her to turn it off under certain extenuating circumstances.

Fairy tales for adults

MCU heroes are often tied to audiences of teenagers and younger adults who make up the bulk of today’s moviegoers. Interestingly, Iron Man’s fan age demographic not only encompasses the 18-30 year old audience, but also the 30s to 50+ category, which explains its overwhelming popularity, even when compared to other movies. MCU.

Stan Lee’s intention to create Marvel characters that allow adults to experience the innocent excitement of superpowers and the magic of fairy tales is a major driver of why he created the MCU. Part of this MCU reality is Iron Man’s continued appeal to adults young and old, which impacts how we see Iron Man as a defiant and flawed adult hero, but a factor rarely considered. .

Howard Hughes

Hughes was a billionaire who loved his toys and invented them. While popular culture would more likely link Tony Stark to Batman or the eccentric Elon Musk, he was actually inspired by Howard Hughes.

Few fans associate Hughes’ curiosity about machines, technology, and aviation with his burning desire to create something new, similar to Iron Man. Hughes’ brilliant eccentricity helps us understand the motivation and complexity of this superhero.

Military-industrial complex

Lee’s bold vision of creating a superhero who made munitions, loved fighting, and ran a billion-dollar business was bold when he created the character of Iron Man in the 1960s. from Korea and Vietnam, the “military-industrial complex” and big business were at an unprecedented level of popularity, and the creation of the brash, munitions-armed Iron Man was a flurry of risk.

Young people today who celebrate entrepreneurship and who grew up seeing the United States and other countries embroiled in decades-long wars may not grasp the irony of Lee’s decision. to make Tony Stark this anti-hero of popular beliefs.


Iron Man over the years has had many costume changes and is credited with nearly 40 costumes designed by Tony Stark. Many fans would assume this is due to the impending mission at hand, the superpowers required, or Spark’s boredom with that hero wardrobe.

In fact, all of these assumptions and implications for the character of Iron Man would be misleading because Iron Man armor is something Stan Lee was never satisfied with in his books and had his animators try again and again. Again. During a taped session with press and fans at Wizard World Comic Con in 2013, he admitted that he was never happy with the results pictured but that, “Hollywood did it right, so it’s good “.

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MCU: 10 Subtle Details Fans Still Misunderstand About Iron Man | Pretty Reel

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