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Now that the transaction deadline is behind us, we can now analyze the various exchanges that have taken place in the last few days and try to draw some conclusions.

Yesterday, my colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois gave you a portrait of the situation of the Jays at the moment…

For my part, I did much the same thing, but with the New York Yankees, who have been fairly active in the last week.

And the same drill was done with the Red Sox.

However, when we look at the biggest transaction that occurred on the sidelines of this deadline, the palm easily goes to the one that brought Juan Soto and Josh Bell to San Diego in return for CJ Abrams, Mackenzie Gore, Robert Hassell III, James Wood, Jarlin Susana and Eric Hosmer Luke Sees.

And since we’re talking about one of the biggest transactions in recent MLB history, we thought it best to ask the opinion of our various columnists on the subject. Here is, in a few lines, the immediate reaction of our employees who wanted to play the game:

Charles-Alexis Brisebois: Congratulations to the Padres since you know like me that a trade is won by the team that gets their hands on the best player. And with all due respect to Luke Voit, he’s not the best player on the trade, if you know what I mean.

Max Trudeau: I am very happy for Soto. He goes to play with his buddies Dominicans in San Diego and in a club that aspires to high honors!

Sebastien Berrouard: AJ Preller pulled the rug out from under the Dodgers’ feet, and at the right price. The Dominican connection is likely to make sparks!

Raph Simard: With this acquisition, San Diego will be eliminated during the division series instead of the Wild Card round.

Pierre-Olivier Poulin: Even before they traded for Juan Soto, the Padres were already the winners of that deadline. Now add the reincarnation of Ted Williams to Machado and Tatis Jr… it’s going to be a big elbow in California.

Antoine Desrosiers: The Padres try everything for everything by getting their hands on Juan Soto. They give good hopes, but I hope for them that it will pay off. The fight in this division and in this association becomes very interesting.

Pascal Harvey: Soto’s arrival in San Diego reignites the Dodgers’ rivalry for the next decade. There is money in California!

Damien Bourlet: By offering Soto, the Padres add one last piece to the puzzle that will allow them to compete with the Dodgers for the next few years. The rest of the division can cry, just like the Nats, who see the centerpiece of their first reconstruction project now buried.

Felix Forget: The Padres have been trying to compete with the Dodgers for years, and in Soto they may be getting the missing piece. They won’t catch up with them in the standings by the end of the year, but in the playoffs they will be very difficult to defeat.

In short, overall, our columnists are pretty unanimous: Soto is a big catch for the Padres, who are giving themselves the means to compete with the Dodgers for (at least) the next three years.

It only remains to see what it will give on the ground.

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Juan Soto at the Padres: the reactions of the team – Passion MLB

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