Jeanne Mas: under the influence of a medium!

Two years ago, the interpreter of In red and black came out a particular work, entitled Awakening (ed. Michel Lafon). The singer delivered a personal testimony on reincarnation. Convinced of having lived other lives before hers, she claimed to have always been inhabited by this strange feeling. The 64-year-old artist, in the midst of a spiritual quest, had even developed a thesis on this subject called the “theory of rebirth”. “This life that I consume is not the first. I know it, I feel it, ”she wrote in the preamble. Since then, the star of the 80s does not budge, at the risk of passing for an illuminated.

Indoctrinated by this guru, she firmly believes in all his predictions.

Recently, it was on television sets that Jeanne Mas poured out these surprising convictions. “I wanted to understand why I had reincarnated”, she thus dropped in Don’t touch my post People, on C8, September 11. Invited to present her latest book, vegan generations (ed. Hugo), she couldn’t help talking about her new spirituality. “A few years ago, I was feeling things that I didn’t understand, so I did spiritual therapy. I wanted to understand why I was reincarnated, why I believed in reincarnation. Once you get into all that, it gives meaning to your life…”, she first explained.


And to add: “I was a multitude. We didn’t live a single life, we lived hundreds. We arrive with hundreds and thousands of personalities and lives, which makes it possible to understand why I often change the color of my hair, why I have several looks, why I love to move. The explanations came because I am not one, but I am a multitude of me. »

A surreal speech that caused some unease in the audience… To make such remarks, wouldn’t Jeanne be indoctrinated by one of these gurus who rage in the esoteric milieu? There are indeed many who take advantage of the weakness of people in distress. Exerting a real psychological influence over them, these “seers” – many of whom are just vulgar crooks – do not hesitate to manipulate them mentally in order to extract as much money as possible during juicy consultations.


Alas, it would seem that Jeanne Mas fell into the hands of one of these charlatans. As proof, the singer, who is single, no longer even seeks love on the pretext that this medium sees “nothing on the horizon”! Believing hard as iron in these predictions, finding a companion does not touch him! “I no longer want to have an obstacle in my life and, for me, men have always been obstacles to my development”, she thus assured in Gala. I am not into research. I have so many other things to do than get married. And then, my medium told me that there was nothing romantic and sentimental on the horizon! »

A situation that should not fail to sadden Victoria and Christopher, these two children. If the first became a novelist and the second sound engineer in the film industry, they remained very close to their mother. So watching her take pleasure in solitude because the one she considers her spiritual guide sees no improvement in her love life can only sadden them, even panic them! While she is visibly under the influence of this disturbing medium – who must, in addition, no doubt charge exorbitant prices for her services –, it might be time for a charitable soul to bring poor Jeanne back to the raison…

Even her children would no longer be able to reason with her.

Valerie EDMOND

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Jeanne Mas: under the influence of a medium!

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