It’s going to be known: reincarnation, insult and the abused microphone

The caricature

Lambert Demonceau and the general manager are accused of harassment.
Lambert Demonceau and the general manager are accused of harassment. – Oli.

The revolutionary look-alike

Matthieu Daele is a combative man. A combativeness that seems to go back a very long time for the Theux ecologist, even to distant ancestors. Passing through the town hall of Brussels, he found himself face to face with a painting representing revolutionaries. In the center of it a lively young man who looks like two drops of water to our deputy. “I am obviously the p’tit p’tit p’tit fillot of a Brussels revolutionary”, he wrote on the networks with the photo proving the striking resemblance. Except that Matthieu Daele, it is not “To the arms citizens” but the variant of Yannick Noah “To the trees citizens” that he could sing.

Matthieu Daele always the raised point.
Matthieu Daele always the raised point. -DR

The big word

There is currently a palpable tension in the municipal council of Verviers. If the names of birds do not always spin, the howls mingle with the rumblings and various invectives and this, even in public session. Behind closed doors, it is visibly sometimes worse since we are told that we reached a new bottom on Monday. Visibly exceeded by the questions concerning City Mall, the socialist Eric Mestrez first attacked Stéphanie Cortisse, the President of the Council, who had accepted that we vote on a point by name. Nezha Darraji, the environmentalist, then replied in essence that he could speak more kindly to people. “Shut up,” he replied … which shocked a number of people, including in his camp, who heard the insult. And to think that, earlier in the evening, the majority found it rude to see that Hajib El Hajjaji had interrupted Alexandre Loffet in the middle of a response…

Here Radio London

Since the Verviers municipal council is now broadcast online, it is filmed and microphones are placed so that the public can follow the debates from the comfort of their living room. In order for us to hear well, we must activate the microphones. No more no less. The microphone records everything around it and you can hear pretty much everything that’s going on. Amaury Deltour, Alderman for Mobility, had not yet fully understood the process. The Liberal seized the microphone intended for the public to listen to his entire table, also made up of Cécile Ozer and Sophie Lambert, to bring it to his mouth and speak directly into it as if he were General de Gaulle addressing to the French during the call of June 18. Unfortunately, by dint of wanting to do too well, the last to arrive at college tended to saturate this poor innocent microphone who hadn’t asked for anything.

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It’s going to be known: reincarnation, insult and the abused microphone

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