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How did Itachi Uchiha’s backstory and his supposed betrayal of Uchiha play out in naruto? Masashi Kishimoto’s beloved anime and manga are full of long-running plotlines that aren’t fully unraveled until the final chapters, and one of the biggest is the mystery of Itachi. This fan-favorite character was first introduced as a villain; Sasuke’s missing dark brother (who looks like baruto‘s Kawaki), who claims his brother betrayed their village by slaughtering the entire Uchiha clan, leaving only Sasuke alive and sparking a desire for revenge in the young ninja.

In the end, Itachi Uchiha’s motives are revealed to be nothing like Sasuke initially believed. People continue to learn more about the circumstances of the Uchiha massacre as naruto the story progresses, with the story taking on twists and turns like a maze, and the real blame shifts with each shocking revelation.

The origins of Itachi Uchiha’s betrayal can be traced back to the ancient feud between Asura and Indra, the two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths. While the Asura’s descendants became the Senju clan and prospered as rulers of Konoha, the Uchiha were largely ostracized and viewed with suspicion, with animosity constantly bubbling between the two sides thanks to the constant reincarnations of Asura and Indra throughout history. Here is Itachi Uchiha’s betrayal and backstory explained.

Itachi Uchiha’s Betrayal and Backstory Explained

Itachi Uchiha’s betrayal stems from a feud between clans. This bitterness came to a head when Obito (under the manipulation of Madara, who was in turn played by Kaguya Ōtsutsuki) used the Nine Tails Fox to attack Konoha Village. Since the Uchiha’s Sharingan Eye was known to control the Nine-Tails, the existing unease towards the Uchiha people erupted. Through no fault of their own, the Uchiha found themselves more isolated than ever following the incident at Nine Tails. The clan leadership eventually decided to fight back and take over the entire village, where Itachi Uchiha comes in. The clan leader’s eldest son and ninja child prodigy, Itachi was wiser than his younger years and could smell a war Between narutoKonoha Village and the Uchiha were rapidly approaching. In order to avoid this eventuality, Itachi began working as a double agent, operating secretly under the demands of the Hokage.

Trouble began in earnest when Itachi Uchiha was placed under the command of Danzo, a fringe leader of Konoha’s ANBU black ops and renowned anti-Uchiha supporter. Danzo’s end goal was to end the Uchiha clan once and for all, supposedly for the benefit of the entire village. Desperate to avoid this outcome, Sasuke and his like-minded best friend Shisui decided to use the latter’s unique eye abilities to manufacture peace, but Danzo sabotaged them by stealing one of Shisui’s eyes. . Left with the choice between open warfare and his brother’s death, Itachi made a deal to execute the Uchiha Clan on Danzo’s orders, but with Sasuke’s life spared and protected. Danzo agreed and the slaughter was done. In an added wrinkle, the attack was carried out with the help of Obito, who was then impersonating Madara Uchiha.

Even after being exiled from Konoha as the scapegoat for the entire attack, Itachi Uchiha served his village loyally, acting as a spy within the increasingly dangerous Akatsuki organization. Itachi pretended to want to steal Sasuke’s eyes and become even more powerful, but Itachi soon realized that his intentions for Sasuke had backfired. His brother had learned nothing from the loss of his family, but had become consumed with a need for revenge. Around the same time, older brother Uchiha also realizes his death is imminent in naruto. In a last ditch effort to keep the peace and seek redemption, Itachi entrusts his brother’s fate to Naruto, forcibly implanting him with a crow meant to cast genjutsu on Sasuke, forcing him to protect Konoha rather than destroy him. The crow ended up being used on Itachi himself after his reincarnation to free himself from Kabuto’s control.

Finally, Itachi Uchiha allows Sasuke to get his long-awaited revenge in a tense battle. Once again Itachi has ulterior motives, intent on pulling Orochimaru away from Sasuke and severing the bond between them, once again saving his brother. Before succumbing to his mysterious illness, Itachi reveals that he never sought to steal Sasuke’s eyes, and this begins the young Uchiha’s journey towards the question of what really happened to his clan.

Is Itachi Uchiha returning to Boruto?

Rumors have been circulating that Itachi Uchiha will return for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – but this is not the case. A social media post claimed that Itachi would be revived after his death just to appear on the show. However, there was no announcement of naruto and baruto designer Masashi Kishimoto. It doesn’t look like Itachi Uchiha will be seen outside the bounds of naruto. While many would be perfectly happy to see the character reappear in the next-gen series, his absence is likely for the best. Itachi Uchiha has completed his arc in the series, and reanimating him would only belittle what he went through with Sasuke and Konoha.

In addition, Baruto: Naruto Next Generations is a sequel to Naruto, chronicling what happens to Naruto Uzumaki’s son, Baruto, and his friends before they become ninjas. The fallout is supposed to happen 10 years after the events of naruto Shippuden. The anime features some characters from naruto, but only to add to the storyline. Bringing Itachi back from the dead would serve no purpose other than fan service. It would only serve that purpose and sacrifice the unique scenarios that the baruto series has to offer.

Is a live action Naruto movie happening?

It was announced by Lionsgate that a live action naruto the film was in preparation. Then, suddenly, the vine became deathly silent. So is live action naruto movie passes for real? The short answer is: maybe. Various petitions sprouted online demanding a live-action manga/anime adaptation, and Lionsgate initially answered the call. In 2015, the studio announced that a naruto the movie was in the works, but there hasn’t been much news since. Avi Arad is set to produce the film. Some may know the producer from his entrenchment with Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man and Venom. This bodes well for the naruto movie, because its presence almost guarantees a big budget and great CGI effects. Eric Feig is also part of the production team – a regular on book-to-screen adaptations, such as Dusk and The hunger Games. Finally, Michael Gracey is ready to direct. His greatest credit is The greatest showmanbut he also directed various music videos and the documentary P!nk: So all I know Far.

Apparently a script is being written, written by Erich and Jon Hoeber. The two have also written films like Battleshipthe sharks disaster movie The megaand my spy. So far, no one has joined the cast, but the film appears to be in pre-production, according to IMDb. It’s still unclear what the movie’s release date might be, or what arc of the naruto anime series that the movie will follow (or if Itachi Uchiha will be in it).

Although Itachi Uchiha only returns in the live-action adaptation, the blame for the death of the Uchiha clan was glossed over in narutothe mad dash to the finish line, and some theories link it to Danzo. But while the dastardly elder certainly played his part in the tragedy, he was just a cog, along with Obito and Madara, in Kaguya’s grand plan to break free and consume the world’s chakra. This means that she was the one who really organized the massacre of Uchiha.

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