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Three years after the return of the series American Jesusa rather old project in the bibliography of Mark Millar, Picture Comics prepares the home stretch of this transposition of biblical motifs in the present of the United States. Peter Gross will once again take care of the drawings on this third mini-series (enriched with the subtitle “Revelation“, of circumstance) in the company of Tom Coker. Like the previous volume, the project is announced in three issues.

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Series American Jesus has evolved considerably since the original principle, posed by Millar and Gross in the miniseries Chosen (2004), reissued under its final title a few years later by Picture Comics (2009). At the time, the idea was to follow the adventure of a twelve-year-old child in a small town lost in the United States, when he realizes that he would in fact be the reincarnation of Christ in person. At the end of this first volume, the little hero left to meet his “father”, except that the latter was not the Christian god Jeovah but his extreme opposite, Satan – in short, a twist to let the idea float the main character of the story corresponded more to the incarnation of the Antichrist. And by the way, the Satan ofAmerican Jesus plays the role of the President of the United States in civilian life. Millar and Gross will not produce a direct sequel to this first story.

The screenwriter will sail towards other creative impulses (the fashion for biblical comics, which appeared in the 1990s, slowly beginning to wither), until the sale of the label Millarworld to the group netflix. The teams of the huge SVOD platform will quickly position themselves on a Spanish-language adaptation ofAmerican Jesus, which will be enough to motivate the screenwriter. The second series, however, will not have an immediate relationship with “Chosen“: this time it will be a question of following the life of the one who represents the true reincarnation of Christ, a young African-American woman, raised in a self-sufficient community. The United States is this time taken from the angle of racist anguish, on the part of a white America which takes a rather dim view of the blasphemy of this messianic, feminine and black figure.

And so, following the Tekken 3 interpretation of the Book of Revelation, Satan and Jesus, in their symbolic postures (the public image of the “president” having been somewhat tarnished in recent years for our distant transatlantic cousins ​​- go figure? ), are about to smack each other in the face once and for all. The culmination of a story that began eighteen years ago – or two thousand years of Judeo-Christian society if one really expects Mark Millar a faithful adaptation of the biblical Apocalypse. The first issue, requested from Picture Comics, explains that Satan still officiates in the White House, and threatens to enslave humanity. That is just about everything.

As for the adaptation, it should be well based on the plot of “Chosen“, but moving to Mexico for a product targeting primarily Spanish-speaking markets where netflix is already well established. According to the latest news, a serious accident that occurred during the shooting had caused the death of several members of the technical team and some of the actors. To believe that the Almighty does not laugh with certain subjects (since Passion of Mel Gibson, the guy is probably pissed off). It is not certain that the project will recover from this horrible disaster, and the production has for the moment decided to put the machines at a standstill.

American Jesus: Revelation #1 is expected for October 26, 2022 with covers of Tom Coker and Jodie Muir.

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Image Comics Announces American Jesus (Mark Millar) Trilogy Conclusion October 2022 |

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