I would love to be a business!

If reincarnation exists, after my death, I want to come back not in the skin of a woman, a plant or a cat, but in that of a company.

No stuffing.

It’s cool to be a company!

You can break all the laws, and no one punishes you.


look at the case that The newspaper published on Friday on the 100 biggest polluters in Quebec.

These companies have never released so many greenhouse gases into the air we breathe.

Do we punish them? Do we piss them off?

At all.

We piss off Joe Blow who throws his banana peels in the trash instead of putting them in the recycling bin.

This is serious! That is appalling!

The next time you don’t wash your yogurt tubs before recycling them, we’ll send Greta to teach you a lesson!

And we’re going to tell your children (whom we’ve recruited to school) to bug your ears all weekend with environmental protection!

But the McInnis cement plant, which is the biggest polluter in Quebec?


It was not even forced to go before the BAPE to analyze the impact of its operations on the environment!

It must be said that the cement plant creates jobs (therefore brings votes), while Joe Blow, with his children who go to school and his parents languishing in the CHSLD, costs the State more than what which he reports.



That’s how it is these days.

States no longer have any control over big business.

So they piss off ordinary citizens. Because they can’t defend themselves.

They have no litigation or accounts in Switzerland.

Failing to hit the big ones, we hit the small ones.

Look at the famous “energy sobriety”.

Are big companies being asked to turn off the lights in their offices at night?

No. Even government offices are lit all night!

But Joe Blow has to take lightning showers. And sleep with three sweaters and two coveralls.

Same for tax.

Big corporations can hide gonzillions of dollars in tax havens, the state won’t bother them.

Because it is not considered as tax evasion, but as “creative taxation”.

But if Joe Blow owes the government $275, watch out! We’re going to drown him in payment notices, and we’re going to use the full power of the law to make him spit it out.


Through the Ministry of the Economy, the Quebec state grants “forgivable loans” to businesses.

If they don’t pay them back, well, no big deal, we’ll forget about it.

When was the last time your financial institution gave you a “forgivable” loan or mortgage?

It’s as if corporations have become invisible, abstract, slimy entities, escaping all regulations and slipping through the clutches of governments.

So the state falls back on the small taxpayer.

Who, he has no choice to contribute.

Him, we’re going to sicken him until he pisses blood.

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I would love to be a business!

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