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A mum claims she almost fainted from astonishment when her six-year-old daughter revealed she was the reincarnation of a famous opera singer.

Dorothy Angelica has recalled vivid details of her “past life” as Lily Pons – including her painful death from cancer 34 years before she was born, according to her mother.

Dorothy Angelica vividly recalled details of her past life, according to her motherCredit: Reincarnation Research
She claims to be the reincarnation of opera singer Lily PonsCredit: Getty

Kira Angelica revealed the details in 2019 to California-based physician and reincarnation researcher Dr. Walter Semkiw.

She told him she had a strange vision when she was eight months pregnant in 2010.

As she was sewing a baby blanket, she heard a voice calling out “Mommy, Mommy” from another room.

She then saw a young girl in a plaid dress smiling at her before disappearing.

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Kira said she believed her future child’s soul might have tried to communicate with her.

After Dorothy was born as she grew older, Kira says it was clear the girl in the vision closely resembled her daughter.

But she also sounded like another person – the woman whose name she first heard years later from the youngster.

Kira says Dorothy was a natural performer before she could speak.

She learned to sing with perfect pitch and had a “magnetic stage presence” in a musical production at the age of three and a half.

When she was six, Kira told her about the vision of the girl in the dress.

By then Dorothy had learned to meditate, although she had not yet learned to read or use a computer.

According to her mother’s account, Dorothy decided to meditate to see if she could find out who this girl was in a past life.

“After a few minutes, Dorothy began giving details of a possible life,” Dr. Semkiw wrote on her Reincarnation Research website.

“Kira grabbed a notebook and scribbled down what Dorothy said.

“Kira has documented Dorothy’s statements over time. She thought her daughter was describing imaginary things, but Kira wrote it all down anyway.

“While Dorothy was sitting on the floor meditating, she suddenly opened her eyes and said, ‘Mom, I know who I was in a past life.

“’Her name was something like Lizy or Lily, but her REAL name was Alice Pons.’”

Kira Googled the names and discovered that Lily Pons was a star soprano of New York’s Metropolitan Opera who also found fame in Hollywood in the 1930s on American television in the 1950s and 1960s.

And when she read that the French-born singer’s birth name was Alice Pons, “Kira gasped and almost passed out.”

“Hair standing on end”

Dorothy continued to reveal more about her past life, her mother claims.

She said Lily spoke several languages, played the piano and was a professional singer when she was 22.

Dorothy also said her husband’s name was ‘Cos Liams’, that she had a music room in her house and that she loved wild cats and birdsong.

In another frightening coincidence, Dorothy developed frequent and very painful abdominal pain.

She told her mother, “Since you started talking about dying and being reborn, I started having terrible stomachaches and I feel sad.

“I might vomit, mom. It’s like I had a stomach ache in my past life. Very bad. It makes me sad.”

And during one episode, she said: ‘Now I know what Lily Pons died of, mum. She died of a bad stomach ache.

Kira then read that Lily Pons died of pancreatic cancer in 1976.

“Reading this, Kira’s hair stood on end!” Dr. Semkiw wrote.

Kira also showed Dorothy a photo of Pons, and she said, “Hey, that was me! Now you saw me with short hair, mom!

The real Lily Pons was born in 1898 and studied piano as a teenager at the Paris Conservatoire before taking up singing and moving to the United States.

Her second husband was bandleader Andre Kostelanetz – which Kira thinks her young daughter might have pronounced as “Cos Liams”.

Dr. Semkiw thinks he has all the hallmarks of a true reincarnation case.

He said that Dorothy and Lily Pons are similar in face, which is often seen in the cases he studies.

He added: “The singing and acting talent of Alice Pons is reproduced in the character of Dorothy Angelica.”

As for Kira’s vision during her pregnancy, he thinks it’s an example of an “announcement dream.”

Announcing dreams was described by pioneering reincarnation researcher Professor Ian Stevenson, who believed there was evidence that souls send dreams to the families they are about to incarnate into.

Professor Stevenson of the University of Virginia has recorded thousands of cases of reincarnation during his career.

One of the scariest was a pair of twins who pretended to be brothers murdered in their past lives – and recognized their killers.

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Last month, we told of a young boy who recalled a past life as the woman who died in the notorious Chicago hotel fire.

Another youngster claimed to be the reincarnation of a Hollywood agent and remembered what happened when he died.

Dorothy's case was recorded by reincarnation research Walter Semkiw
Dorothy’s case was recorded by reincarnation research Walter SemkiwCredit: Facebook

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I Think My Daughter Is the Reincarnation of a Famous Opera Singer – She Remembers Her Old Name and Past Life – Up News Info

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