Hilda – Volume 3

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Medieval delirium

We suspected at the end of the second volume that it was far from over for Hilda, her sister Sandra and their friend Tara, still pursued by the infamous doctor Baalt.


On a cruise on the Danube, to go to Hungary where they finally think they are safe, the troubles begin again when the three naiads indulge in Sapphic and plural pleasures, unable to remain a few hours without sex. Distracted, they are then captured by sadistic sailors (like all sailors since Braking the Waves), in the pay of the disgusting doctor. Then resume the rapes based on tentacles and other monstrosities, leaving flabbergasted and frightened these males hardened by a life of hard work who just wanted to rape quietly. Saved in extremis by Gerda, we can resume the journeys in the inner life of Hilda and her incestuous loves, keystones of the story.1652592900 351 Hilda Volume 3
Where are you? Dad, where are you

Back to the past, the Queen is very upset. Between torture and inquisition, the one who thought she had an unalterable toy in the person of Hildegarde realizes that her plan escapes her. Indeed, the monks not being in the lace and in spite of (because perhaps?) of a visible excitement, decided to burn the impious one. Which would literally reduce the Queen’s ambition to ashes… With no alternative left, she summons a demon – something we all do when cornered in an impossible situation – and fails to save her prey, obtaining still of eternal damnation. The attentive reader will have understood that the queen and Gerda are the same person. All this backstory reminds us that the queen is not that bad, she just did something stupid because she wanted to fuck Hildegarde with a little too much passion. In fact, for morality, we will drop…

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So, the filthy doctor ends up finding the little band but Gerda, seizing the opportunity to finally get rid of her curse destroys him forever. She can rediscover her love of Hildegarde/Hilda (even if it’s a very twisted and violent love all the same) and all our heroes throw themselves headlong into a gigantic sprawling orgy (literally), not hesitating to continue to enslave the victims of the despicable doctor for their personal pleasure. A sort of happy ending?

We had already said it. The album should absolutely not be taken seriously. Despite a real screenplay consistency (if we accept reincarnation, demons, legs that turn into snakes, sexes larger than a thigh and other oddities…), we still remain in the big nonsense. But quality nonsense. Let’s ignore morality, taboos, history. All the characters without exception undergo torture and mixed pleasure and everything is mixed in limitless orgies. Just lives through the centuries devoted to pleasure in a frenzy and an abundance of debauchery that doesn’t bother whether it’s right or wrong to sleep with your daddy.

An effective trilogy in the sense that we go there frankly, which retains an undeniable graphic quality throughout and remains an object of curiosity to have in your library.

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Hilda – Volume 3

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