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Hearthstone’s next expansion has just been revealed, offering a new journey to the heart of Northrend. In March of the Lich King, it will be possible to discover a whole bunch of new undead, but above all a new class. As of December 6, the Death Knight accompanies the 135 cards of the extension, as well as a mechanism unique to the class.

Release date March of the Lich King

The extension is scheduled for the end of 2022, bringing winter a few days in advance. It will be available worldwide from December 6, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. and pre-order is already available. The alternate hero for Hunter Lor’themar Theron is available in the mega-bundle.

  • Dates to remember:
    • Expansion output – December 6, 2022, 7:00 p.m.

Reincarnation, the return of the keyword

The Lich King is accompanied by his army of undead with this new extension. And for the occasion, the keyword Reincarnation returns so that these creatures benefit. When a monster with this keyword dies for the first time, it comes back to life with 1 hit point. Enough to drive any enemy hero crazy.

Mana Thirst New Keyword

In addition to Reincarnation who returns to the game, the Mana Thirst is a new keyword in the extension. The latter is significantly related to the Blood Elves, and allows them to draw their power from the Sunwell. Cards with this keyword gain power when an amount of mana is reached. It is not necessary to spend it to strengthen them.


The two-type servants in March of the Lich King


If the undead are very abject creatures, they offer a considerable advantage, the possibility of combining two types at the same time. They can thus be undead, but also beasts or dragons. These will only be neutral or Death Knight cards, and can have a devastating additional effect.

The Death Knight becomes a playable class

After the Demon Hunters, it is the turn of the Lich King’s servants to go to the tavern. Death Knights are a brand new class that offer innovative mechanics for the game. As soon as one of his allies dies, the Death Knight spawns a corpse taking the color of one of his runes. These can be blood, frost or unholy depending on his specialization. But be careful to build your deck well to be sure to reinforce the right cards.

The arrival of signature cards

Whereas Diamond cards have arrived in 2021 for the year of the Griffon, a new ornamental quality is arriving. Signature cards have stylized artwork overlaying them. For expansion March of the Lich King, they have a frozen sepia style. They can be obtained in card packs, or through special events. It will not be possible to create or disenchant them, and will always accompany the style of the current extension.


What are the cards of March of the Lich King ?

These are no less than 135 new cards coming for the new expansion on Hearthstone. Not all of them have been revealed yet, but this allows us to discover the new cards imagined. In particular, we find a large part of the Death Knight’s collection, but also undead and effects combining with them.

At the same time, to celebrate the announcement of this expansion, the common legendary spell The Sunwell is offered the next time you log in. If it is not claimed before the launch of the extension, it is in the first card pack of the latter that it will be obtained.


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Hearthstone: March of the Lich King, date and info – Gamosaurus

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