Halloween: the cannibalistic sect of Magdalena Solis, “the high priestess of blood”

In the 1960s, Mexico experienced horrific assassinations. Magdalena Solis, at the head of a sect and convinced to be the reincarnation of a goddess, murders and drinks the blood of her victims through macabre rituals.

Magdalena Solis was born in Mexico in the 1940s. From an early age, her brother forced her into prostitution. She crosses paths with Santos and Cayetano Hernández, two brothers behinda sect in the village of Yerba Buena. Proclaiming themselves prophets and high priests of the inca gods, the two men submit the inhabitants to sexual offerings resulting in large orgies under drugs. It is while preparing a new ritual that the Hernández brothers meet Magdalena and her brother. The young Mexican is presented as the reincarnation of the goddess Cōātlīcue. The scam works and the locals submit to the purported deity’s slightest wishes. As the rituals progress, Magdalena begins to believe her own lie and takes control of the sect.

Blood Rituals

After many orgies, two of the followers decide to leave the sect. Fearing that they will raise the perverse habits and customs of the Hernández and the Solis, the latter decide to provoke their assassination. They demand that traitors be sacrificed in the name of the Inca gods. The community runs.

This double murder gives ideas to Magdalena. The Hernández tell the villagers that their goddess must drink human blood to preserve her eternal youth. For this, it is necessary to respect “blood rituals”. The sacrificed is beaten, cut and mutilated by all the members of the sect. His blood is then placed in a chalice and mixed with chicken blood and drugs. The potion is said to bring supernatural powers. At each ritual, Magdalena drinks the nectar and passes it from hand to hand for each follower to dip their lips into. The end of the ceremony ends with the extraction of the victim’s heart.

The carnage lasts six weeks. Four people are sacrificed.

The discovery of the sect

In May 1963, on a mild night, a 14-year-old teenager, Sebastián Guerrero, was walking when he came across a cave where the sect performs the ritual. He discovers the horror of the scene. Terrified, he runs to get to the town of Villa Grand as quickly as possible, where the nearest police station is. In a state of shock, the young boy recounts what he saw. The police do not believe a word of it, and think that the child simply has a funny imagination.

The next day, one of the policemen, Luis Martínez, still asks Sebastián to tell him where the cave is. They both go to the scene of said crime, and disappear. Without news from them, his colleagues decide to take the case seriously. Supported by the army, a brigade goes to Yerba Buena. On the spot, they arrest Magdalena Solis and her brother. One of the Hernández brothers, like several members of the sect, tries to flee and is shot dead. His brother Cayetano has been dead for some time, killed by one of the partisans. In the farm where Magdalena was staying, the investigators find the dismembered corpses of Sebastián Guerrero and Luis Martínez, as well as 6 other bodies.

In June 1963, Magdalena and Eleazar were tried for the murder of eight people. They are sentenced to 50 years in prison for only two of the eight murders, the partisans having protected them for the other assassinations. The Solis family and several members are imprisoned. The sect disappears and marks the end of the rituals of “the high priestess of blood”.

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Halloween: the cannibalistic sect of Magdalena Solis, “the high priestess of blood”

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