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By Ducasse Alcin

Monday, December 19, 2022 ((rezonodwes.com))–

“I am a Jovenelist at heart”. Thus expressed Claude Joseph to define his political philosophy. He made these remarks during an interview granted to a young Haitian blogger during his visit to Montreal to promote his newly hatched political party called EDE.

If Jovenel was conscious where he is, he would die of laughter. He would be amazed that his hated name could have given birth to a political ideology, he who was so maligned, so controversial and so politically alienated.

Especially since the person who uses his death to build his political capital is none other than the one who, before joining the regime, loudly denounced his excesses.

We knew that the guy was sold but to imagine that he would be such a platitude is purely surreal! Ti Claude’s obsession with power can be summed up in one word: mythomania. He becomes a “soft madman” as we like to call them at home.

Maybe he’s not quite at the stage yet where you’d see him throwing rocks at people, but if you happened to watch this entire pathetic interview, there wouldn’t be a shadow of there’s no doubt in your mind that he’s seriously freaking out, “tèt ti bonnonm nan pati”. In this analysis, we are going to dissect some key points of this interview but before that, we must go back to the source of this excessive ambition which tortures the brain of the man.

The first signs of this pathology began to appear in him during the tragic events of July 7 last year. Only a few hours after the immolation of Apredye, as a true opportunist, Ti Claude, who was then acting as Prime Minister, saw in this expected/unexpected circumstance a boon to make his wildest dream come true: that of sitting down in the stuffed chair as chair.

It took little to materialize his whim. Because, despite repeated calls to cede the post to the one who was initially appointed by the president before his death, Ti Claude turned a deaf ear.

He even considered applying article 149 of the Constitution, which would give him the double function of President and Prime Minister at the same time. He even went so far as to put it on hold and called on the international community to dispatch an intervention force to the country in order to restore order. And you know the rest of the story.

If it’s not an itch, what else is alluding to to explain its behavior? Ti Claude’s ego is so brutally in turmoil that he believes himself to be the man of the moment, the most “popular” person on the political scene in Haiti, the leader who makes everyone tremble.

In this interview where he was obviously in conquered territory, the former minister not only extolled his merits as the most highly rated politician but also and above all the reincarnation of Capois La Mort who manages to carve croupiers out of Abinader to the point where he would have freaked out. The Dominican president is so afraid of him that he can’t close his eyes at night. No kidding ! It’s the story of the toad who wants to be as big as an ox.

The interview was also an opportunity for Ti Claude to paint the image of a superhero who goes on a crusade against the oligarchs of his country. Oh how hilarious! We can clearly see that our “hero” is suffering from amnesia when we remember that in 2004, when he was a student, it was this same Ti Claude who had joined in a disparate alliance with these same oligarchs in a movement called GNB against the then government. Haven’t the angels of yesterday become the demons of today?

It seems that at the time Ti Claude was on the payroll list of “oligarchs” belonging to group 184. Witnesses even reported that Gary Bodeau almost died when Ti Claude drew his gun on him for a question of money granted by a few bourgeois of the same group—- a sum that the one who would later become the speaker of the House of Representatives wanted to keep for himself.

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs would have us believe that he was the most immaculate manager the country has produced. But the facts paint quite a different picture. Credible sources indeed reveal that during his lightning passages, both at the head of the Prime Minister and at the Chancellery, corruption was in full swing. A fictitious position was specially created at a consulate to allow his dear little mother to have her share of the spoils too, although without qualification for the job. Classic definition of nepotism.

These same sources also talk about some of his shady practices at the ministry. His methods consisted of dramatically increasing the salaries of certain subordinates in order to collect personal commissions. For a crazy mobster, it really is. He wasn’t even trying to cover up his scams.

The so-called fight against the privileged class in which Ti Claude claims to engage is a reminiscence of a troubling past that sends us back to the fierce dictatorship of Papa Doc. It seems obvious that it is a trait of atavism that the buggers belonging to the nightmarish PHTK movement inherit from him,
since from several angles they reproduce the same villainies.

Ti Claude as well as all the other “Jovenelistes” who allegedly hunt the bourgeois also have, behind the curtains, their own little oligarchs, to whom they are subservient.

Where we must join Ti Claude is when he says “living in another world”. We can take him at his word because he has created a surreal world of dreams and lies; all coexisting in his small cranial box. He also says he wants to build a country on the scale of its past glory. This would actually mean that he seeks to reduce the nation to the size of his person.

Ducasse Alcin

Ducasse Alcin Ti Claude in dreamland

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Ducasse Alcin: “Ti-Claude in dreamland! »

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