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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will soon be returning with a free next-gen update followed soon after by a new season pass for the game that will begin with DLC focusing on Bardock, Goku’s father. Fans can expect to play as Bardock in January 2023.

Fans should be ready to come back and play with some of their favorite characters from the franchise, like Gohan. Gohan is an exceptional warrior and has one of the greatest potentials in the series, having even more potential than Goku and Vegeta. However, a few others can beat it with even more impressive upper limits.

Majin Buu has potential but is weakening fast

Majin Buu has already proven that he can become much stronger than his usual state when he puts his mind to it and trains. It’s no surprise when Buu was the most powerful enemy the heroes faced in Dragon Ball Z and was one of only two threats Frieza ever feared.

Buu is already incredibly powerful normally, but his potential is greater than most fighters in the series. The only downside is that Buu can lose any power boosts he gets quite quickly. So, although he has more potential than Gohan, his laziness causes him to quickly lose most of his gains.

Androids 17 and 18 don’t need a lot of training to get stronger

Androids 17 and 18, two of the most powerful androids in Dragon Ball, were enhanced by Dr. Gero, giving them mechanical bodies. They are both incredibly powerful and have infinite energy. Dragon Ball Super has proven that both can become even stronger with Android 17, even with Super Saiyan Blue Goku ruling through his training over the years.

For a being who didn’t fight the gods and trained alone on Earth, that’s incredibly impressive. It shows that if 17 and 18 had a better training environment, they could become even stronger and have some of the greatest potentials in the series.

Broly gets stronger faster than any Saiyan

While fans didn’t get to see the Broly cannon on the show until the Dragon Ball Super era, the man had still been training for the past few decades. Either way, it was more like him living and adapting to a world that had extremely high power levels.

But Broly has the exceptional ability to grow stronger and stronger in battle at a rate far more impressive than any normal Saiyan. At the start of his battle against Goku and Vegeta, he was relatively even with them individually and by the end, he almost held his own with Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta. Broly’s strength is truly impressive and his potential even more so.

Trunks could outgrow his future counterpart

Unlike Future Trunks, the current timeline Trunks showed much more potential and had a lot more of it at a young age. Trunks was one of the youngest Super Saiyans seen in the series and part of his growth in strength is due to Vegeta training him at a young age.

Either way, Trunks’ power gains are even more impressive than Gohan’s at his age, though Gohan was constantly in intense battles throughout his youth. While Future Trunks certainly doesn’t have as much potential as Gohan, Trunks’ current timeline has more.

Jiren is already near the top of the multiverse

Jiren presented himself as one of the strongest fighters in the multiverse. In fact, it seemed almost impossible for Goku to surpass him, his power seeming to be a bottomless pit. However, Goku’s overpowered Ultra Instinct form was ultimately enough to fight on par with Jiren and surpass him.

Jiren’s incredible strength was gained through years of training, and it’s likely he still hasn’t reached his full potential. He avoided many other quick ways to rise to power, such as training to become a God of Destruction. Even though Gohan gained abnormal power in one of the best Dragon Ball movies, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it still doesn’t seem likely that he’s surpassed Jiren yet.

Goten is the youngest Saiyan to transform into a Super Saiyan.

Goten is currently the youngest Saiyan to transform into a Super Saiyan and has more potential than Goku and Vegeta. These feats alone are already incredibly impressive, but on top of that, he had hardly any training to achieve this power. Chi Chi trained him a bit and Goten trained with Trunks from time to time, but his first real training didn’t happen until he trained with Gohan.

Considering Goten’s journey begins at such a high level as Gohan’s, there’s no doubt that Goten should have even more potential than his older brother. Maybe fans will even see Goten surpass Gohan in the future.

Bulla may have been born with God Ki

Bulla is a hybrid Saiyan, just like Goten, Trunks, and Gohan, so there’s no doubt she’ll be an incredibly powerful warrior when she grows up. Many fans believe that she has more potential than the others due to her possible heritage from Vegeta’s ki god.

If this theory turns out to be true, Bulla would undoubtedly have far more potential than any Saiyan seen so far in the series. However, it’s unclear if fans will see her grow into a fighter like they did with Pan. Whether it’s the end of Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball GT, Bulla has never been seen fighting.

Uub already has incredible strength

Majin Buu already has more potential than Gohan, so it’s no surprise Uub is too, being the reincarnation of the original Majin Buu. Not only has Uub inherited Majin Buu’s raw power, but he can also become much stronger as Goku intends to train him to be an opponent he can challenge him one day.

Fans also learned from the Dragon Ball Super manga that Uub actually possesses divine ki, which already makes him a unique fighter. Having divine ki at such a young age will further increase one’s potential.

Frieza uses solid formation

Frieza demonstrated in Resurrection ‘F’ that a few months of training would make him more than strong enough to defeat Goku and Vegeta, regardless of their level. That was true, though of course Frieza hadn’t mastered the stamina consumption of his newfound power.

Even more recently in Dragon Ball Super, Frieza exhibited one of the strongest and best transformations in Dragon Ball after training in a hyperbolic time chamber for 10 years. The insane new power Frieza gained allowed him to effortlessly defeat Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta.

The cell has the potential to be even more perfect

Cell not only has the cells of the Saiyans, but he also has the cells of Frieza and his father King Cold. There’s no doubt that Cell has more potential than any other character in the franchise thanks to building characters with already insane potential.

Cell never trains on the show as if he did it would contradict the belief that he was perfect as the training would prove he needed more strength and if he needed more strength, then he was not the best warrior. However, if Cell had an opportunity like Frieza, he would seize it and easily be the most dangerous enemy.

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