Disgaea 7 and its maxi Prinny arrive in 2023 – Generation Nintendo

If it’s not surprising that a new episode of the series Disgaea either in development, the series being the flagship figure of the Nippon-Ichi Software studio, its announcement in the middle of August, on the other hand, serves as a nice surprise. Indeed, while the sixth episode has only been released for a year here (and a year and 8 months in Japan), NIS is already thinking about the future and announces Disgaea 7the next main episode of one of the oldest series of Tactical-RPG still active.

Taking place in Hinomoto, a place clearly inspired by medieval Japanese culture, the protagonist duo Fuji, a nomadic samurai, and Piririka, a young woman from the modern world, are on a quest to free their city from Shogun Ooedo and his army. . Along the way, they will meet a host of other characters such as Ao, an emotional young girl who claims to be Fuji’s daughter, Wey-yasu, an incompetent and corrupt Shogun, Seefou, a knight thief and maniac of explosions, Suisen, a human weapon who can predict the impending future, and Higan Zesshousai, the strongest swordsman who misses having reached the pinnacle of her career.

Hinomoto’s Netherworld is actually a cluster comprising various other worlds, such as the Onsen, Japanese hot springs that eject evil spirits rather than water, the Netherworld Sardine, which exists within a gigantic sardine, or the Shikoku Netherworld with a gigantic tornado that destroyed many demonic ships. Within each of these worlds, the inhabitants follow a code called Bushido, but these principles have been put in jeopardy since the arrival of the demon Admiral Opener and his army. They indeed want to destroy the codes of Bushido, but also to get rid of anyone who complains about their salary or taxes, to prohibit any friendly or romantic relationship in the city, not to tolerate the weak and to legalize gratuitous violence. All this led to the disappearance of the samurai, of which Fuji is one of the last representatives.

Three new mechanics are introduced with this seventh episode. The first is central and is in line with the excess, specific to the series, with the Dodeka MAX. This is a mechanism to increase the size of his character tenfold, to the point of going outside the limits of the map. A huge punch can then destroy several enemies at once, but it will also be possible to open gigantic treasure chests for maximum rewards. Obviously, both allies and enemies will have access to this legendary power.

The second mechanic is an evolution of reincarnation introduced in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny. It will now be possible to reincarnate its objects, bringing its level back to 1 but keeping the stat gains, into another object, which then allows the effects of the two objects to be combined. Thus, swords that can be swallowed to regain life can exist, as can chewing gum that improves movement speed or even explosive sticks. The possibilities are as numerous as there are combinations. This reincarnation is also extended to classes, which can be reincarnated into other classes to combine their effects there too. Mages can now be even more powerful in close combat than martial artists, just as zombies can cast powerful spells or fight with swords. NIS takes the opportunity to reassure fans, potentially disappointed with the low number of classes of the previous episode, by announcing that 45 classes (in addition to those of the protagonists) will be available, the largest number in the series so far.

The third mechanic is a first for the series, which now introduces an online multiplayer dimension. Indeed, it will be possible to modify the artificial intelligence of his team and then send him into online ranked battles against other players. It will therefore not be a question of yourself playing against others but of sending your small team to fight on their own.

Disgaea 7 will come out on January 26 2023 in Japan. A release date for the Western version has not yet been announced, but will not be long in view of the habits of the series.

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Disgaea 7 and its maxi Prinny arrive in 2023 – Generation Nintendo

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