Discover the five nominees for the Europe 1-GMF Literary Prize


These men and women are our everyday heroes. Their vocation is to engage in the service of others, and GMF pays tribute to them for the third edition of the Europe 1 – GMF Literary Prize. The jury, made up of members from Europe 1, GMF and personalities from the world of Letters and the High Public Service, will be accompanied by two auditors from Europe 1, Fanny Front and Marlène Pegliasco. Together, they will crown one of the five books in the running this year. Nicolas Carreau, the Europe 1 literature specialist and member of the jury, presents them to us.

“The Days After” by Caroline Sers

A giant and unexplained blackout forces the population to adapt and survive, in general darkness and without virtual networks. A drastic, forced return to basics; but also the opportunity for the hero and his friends to review their way of life and put social ties back at the centre. A fair and intelligent novel about human ties, when that’s all that’s left. Written without pathos, in a lively style, which defuses clichés.

“The Patience of Traces” by Jeanne Benameur

Simon is a psychoanalyst. By dint of listening to others, he silenced his own history, which nevertheless comes to catch up with him and haunt him. He then decides to leave for an unknown Japan, on another shore. There he will meet Mr. and Mrs. Itô, rediscover confidence, encounter with others, and, at the end of the road, encounter with himself. A poetic and beautiful novel, a journey in space and in the mind.

“Soldier Ulysses” by Antoine Billot

January 1919. An amnesiac soldier is found. A year later, his photograph was sent to the press and displayed in public places. Among the grieving families hoping to find a missing loved one, three hundred people recognize him. Colonel Miłosz, head doctor at Val-de-Grâce, leads the investigation until only two possibilities remain, and organizes the presentations. Will they awaken the memory of soldier Ulysses? A gripping novel, which speaks of wounds, memory, war but also of reconstruction and resilience.

“Toggle” by Florian Forestier

From the bottom of a crevasse in the Ecrins massif, a high official summons his fractured memory. As the world closes its borders, as one minister replaces another, an association led by a superstar mathematician is trying to warn of the risks of a collapse. A hypnotic dive into the mysteries of the state, by a fine observer of our time. A reflection on collective responsibility.

“The Tower” by Doan Bui

The Olympiads. Much more than a collection of buildings in Paris’ Chinatown, it’s a veritable tower of Babel of odds and ends, where the murmur of a thousand languages ​​rumbles. A court of miracles with colorful characters. Meet Ileana, the Romanian pianist, now an exiled nanny; Virgile, the Senegalese sans papier, reader of Proust and virtuoso of fake stories; or Clément, the man from Sarthe obsessed with the Great Replacement, convinced of being the reincarnation of his idol Michel Houellebecq’s dog. All these destinies intersect, in a picaresque fresco of grating humor, made up of loves, bereavements, separations and exiles. From the 98 World Cup to the attacks of 2015, it is a gallery of particular portraits, which nevertheless touch on the universal.

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Discover the five nominees for the Europe 1-GMF Literary Prize

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