Dassault Systèmes joins forces with Sanofi to optimize technology transfer and the industrialization of its future “EVolutive Facilities”

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VELIZY-VILLACOUBLAYthe 26 October 2022

Dassault Systems spartners with Sanofi to optimize technology transfer andindustrialization of its future Evolutionary Facilities »

  • Sanofi will rely on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systems for design, to implementqualify and exploit lines production units in its future factories Evolutionary Facilities » next generation (EVF) built in France and Singapore.

  • The models 3D of 3DEXPERIENCE platform will allow Sanofi to generate virtual twins forimprove theagility, reliability and performance of its new units of production.

  • Limprovement of theagility and flexibility will allow Sanofi ofaccelerateer the implementation of changes and ‘reach his ambitions in secureant its product pipeline.

Dassault Systems (Euronext Paris: FR0014003TT8, DSY.PA) and Sanofi announce the formation of a partnership with a view to optimizing the production of “Evolutive Facilities” (EVF), the future state-of-the-art modular factories what built Sanofi in France and Singapore. This partnership, which extends the long-standing collaboration between the two companies in the field of life sciences and health, will rely on the experience of virtual twins to deploy agile and flexible installations that will allow this actor major player in the pharmaceutical industry to secure its product portfolio.

Sanofi will use the Industry Solution Experience Made to Cure for BioPharma based on Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform to design, implement, qualify and operate modular production lines in its two “EVutive Facilities” production units. These two sites will rely on single-use technology and mobile equipment to manufacture up to four products simultaneously and sustainably by selecting the most advanced technologies to reduce energy consumption. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a virtual environment where companies can innovate and collaboratively manage data across its lifecycle. Sanofi will thus be able to experiment with the manufacturing systems under development, as well as their operation in a virtual environment before optimizing the scaling up and industrialization processes prior to their deployment.

“We want to improve the lives of as many people as possible by giving patients faster access to vaccines and treatments while minimizing the environmental impact of our activities,” says Ana Alves, EVutive Facility Global Project Manager and Site Director. Sanofi from Neuville sur Saone (Rhone). “Dassault Systèmes has the technology we need to accelerate the introduction of new products into our production facility by supporting collaboration between our teams and increasing the standardization of designs and models. Our partner will also provide us with capabilities that will allow us to achieve the goal we have set ourselves, namely to manufacture several products in the EVF production unit on an optimized schedule, thanks to the digital twin. Second, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform will help us master the complex process of managing product lifecycles in a highly regulated environment for the benefit of our patients. »

Pharmaceutical laboratories must qualify facilities, equipment and processes before they go into production in order to guarantee a maximum level of safety and quality. This process sometimes takes a few weeks or even several months, depending on the configuration of the equipment and the process parameters specific to the different product recipes. In this respect, virtual twins allow pharmaceutical industry players to standardize modules, reduce this delay and increase their ability to produce crucial therapies quickly and massively.

Virtual twin technology allows Sanofi to visualize and simulate the recipe, equipment and consumables needed for each process, as well as the flow and activity of modules and operators in the ballroom, a flexible production area and modular designed to quickly switch from one process to another. Sanofi can add, delete and replace functional elements and process steps seamlessly according to its needs, as well as reconfigure production lines to quickly switch from one product to another. This approach also allows Sanofi to accelerate key activities throughout the life cycle of new modules, processes and facilities, and catalog them in its product life cycle management process with a view to reusing them and to accelerate the change of products.

“The pandemic has sent a clear message: pharmaceutical industry players need to be able to maximize their efficiency and rapidly deliver innovative, high-quality therapies to patients around the world,” said Claire Biot, Vice President, Pharmaceuticals Industry. Life Sciences and Healthcare, Dassault Systèmes. “Sanofi is meeting this challenge with next-generation modular manufacturing capability that can transform how quickly products get to patients. Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Sanofi will be able to implement new products successfully the first time by accelerating manufacturing ramp-ups and producing processes simultaneously with built-in flexibility. This collaboration will allow Sanofi to simulate and improve workshop ergonomics. »


About Sanofi’s “EVulutive Facilities” production sites in France and Singapore: sanofi.com/Fr/Your-health/vaccines/production

About Dassault Systèmes Industry Solution Experiences for Life Sciences and Healthcare: 3ds.com/fr/industries/life-sciences-healthcare/life-sciences-and-healthcare-solutions

About the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Dassault Systèmes’ 3D creation, 3D digital mockup and product lifecycle management solutions: www.3ds.com/en.


The new partnership between @sanofi and @Dassault3DS aims to optimize production in future production units (EVF) of Sanofi in France and Singapore #3DEXPERIENCE


Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, is a “human progress accelerator”. It offers companies and individuals collaborative virtual environments allowing them to imagine more sustainable innovations. By developing a virtual twin of the real world through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its applications, Dassault Systèmes empowers its customers to push the boundaries of innovation, learning and production, to create a more sustainable world. for patients, citizens and consumers. Dassault Systèmes creates value for its 300,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries and in more than 140 countries. For more information : www.3ds.com/en.

About Sanofi

We are an innovative, global health company driven by one purpose: to pursue the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. Our teams, present in a hundred countries, are working to transform the practice of medicine to make the impossible possible. We provide therapeutic solutions that can change the lives of patients and vaccines that protect millions of people around the world, guided by the ambition of sustainable development and our social responsibility. Sanofi is listed on EURONEXT: SAN and NASDAQ: SNY. For more information : www.sanofi.com/fr/.

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Dassault Systèmes joins forces with Sanofi to optimize technology transfer and the industrialization of its future “EVolutive Facilities”

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