Dancing with the stars: Stéphane Legar, first eliminated from the grand final

After ten weeks of competition, it was time for the final of Dance with the stars this Friday, November 11. The evening begins with a collegiate entrance in which the former participants are back before the presentation of the three finalist candidates, Billy Crawford, Stéphane Legar and Carla Lazzari.

Considered the favourites, Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot open the evening. ” I want you to go get this madness”, Chris Marques asks Billy Crawford during rehearsals. In a futuristic atmosphere of the most beautiful effect, the two artists dance a freestyle on the title Scream by Michael Jackson. Unsurprisingly, it’s brilliant.

After seeing a video of his supporters, including his father, Billy Crawford breaks down in tears. ” Everyone here has won. I gained friends, a new family. thank you France”. “It was extraordinary. It seemed like the reincarnation of Michael Jackson in you two”praises Marie-Agnès Gillot. “There was everything in this freestyle », adds François Alu. Once is not custom, Chris Marques expresses his disagreement with the remark of his colleague. “ This is the best DALS opening dance”enthuses Billal Hassani.

The notes : Bilal Hassani 10, Marie-Agnès Gillot 10, Chris Marques 10, François Alu 9

We now move on to the 2nd finalist with Stéphane Legar. During rehearsals, Marie-Agnès Gillot advises him in particular to dance looser, to take advantage of his large size. Very energetic, the candidate still offers a top-of-the-range service fully mastered with his partner Calisson. “ I think that, in any other season, that could have been the winner’s dance.”believes Chris Marques. “I loved it, you sent vital energy to everyone, this dance is like a universal language, we don’t need to talk to each other anymore “says Marie-Agnès Gillot. “At first you were a ray, now you are a sun”, compliments François Alu who turns into a poet for the occasion. A remark that does not escape Florent Peyre, who chambers him by praising Stéphane Legar in turn. ” At first you were a color, now you are a rainbow”jokes the comedian.

The notes : Bilal Hassani 10, Marie-Agnès Gillot 10, Chris Marques 9, François Alu 9

It’s Carla Lazzari’s turn to face her destiny. While the first two candidates danced on a freestyle, the 17-year-old young woman is judged on a paso doble. This inconsistency is seen as an injustice by many Internet users who denounce favoritism for Billy and Stéphane. During the rehearsal, Chris Marques puts pressure on the candidate. “You may be the 3rd woman to win DALS “, he throws to her to make her aware of the stakes. Remember that Shy’m actually won season 2 while Alizée won season 4.

On a fiery board, Carla Lazzari shows that she is up to the event. ” You really are a crazy finalist. Normally, it takes experience to hold the stress and emotions. It’s an incredible paso that you just presented to us “says Chris Marques. ” You mesmerized us, it’s one of the most beautiful pasos I’ve seen on this floor Bilal Hassani breathes. ” It was fabulous “judge for his part François Alu.

The notes : Bilal Hassani 10, Gillot 10, Brands 9, Aluminum 10

With 39 total points, Billy and Carla continue their journey in this grand final of DALS. For his part, Stéphane Legar is content with 38 points and must leave the competition. Far from being defeated, he falls into the arms of his dance partner and showers her with compliments.

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Dancing with the stars: Stéphane Legar, first eliminated from the grand final

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