Dancing with the Stars: Billy Crawford big winner of the 12th season

TF1 is broadcasting the grand finale of the twelfth season of Dancing with the Stars this Saturday evening. Three finalists are still in the running and hope to win the legendary DALS trophy: Billy Crawford, Carla Lazzari and Stéphane Legar. At the end of the show, only one will be declared the winner.


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Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot are the first to set foot on the Dancing floor with the stars tonight. They present us a Freestyle on the title “Scream” by Mickael & Janet Jackson. And they make the show once again! The jury is up. Billy bursts into tears upon hearing his father’s video message of encouragement. “It looked like the reincarnation of Michael Jackson, it was incredible,” says Marie-Agnès Gillot. “There was everything in this freestyle,” says François Alu who points to a little lack of energy. Chris Marques considers that “it’s one of the best performances in the history of Dancing with the Stars” and Bilal Hassani has lived “his best life”. Result: 10 from Bilal, Marie-Agnès, Chris Marques and 9 from François Alu. Total: 39 points.

It’s the turn of Stephane Legar and Calisson Goasdoue to go on stage for their first dance. They reveal a freestyle on the title “Jerusalem” by Ndlovu Youth Choir. The jury is up. “You just did your best dance of the season! says Chris Marques. “You were a ray, you have become a sun,” says François Alu. Result: 10 from Bilal Hassani, 10 from Marie-Agnès Gillot, 9 from Chris Marques, 9 from François Alu. Total: 38 points.

To qualify for the second round, Carla Lazzari and Pierre Maudupresented a paso doble to the sound of Survivor, Destiny’s Child. “I’m very impressed,” says Marie-Agnès Gillot. Chris Marques congratulates the youngest of the competition for her strength and maturity. Result: 10 for Bilal Hassani and Marie-Agnès Gillot, 9 for Chris Marques and 10 for François Alu! Result: 39 points tied with Billy and Fauve.

Stephane Legar finished last in this first round. He is therefore eliminated.


Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot present their second dance, a Jive on the title “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. Once again, it’s a success. From now on, the judges no longer score, since only the public will vote for the big winner.

Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy perform a Freestyle on the title “Give me time” by Jenifer”.

Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot then reveal their very last dance of the competition. They reinterpret their best dance: the Contemporary on the title “L’enfer” by Stromae. Billy Crawford ends his performance in tears.

Carla Lazzari and Pierre Mauduy tread one last time the floor of Dancing with the Stars with the Contemporary that they had interpreted at the beginning of the adventure on the title “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush.

Then place the public vote. Billy Crawford wins the 12th season of “Dancing with the Stars”. The singer collected 53.5% of the votes against Carla Lazzari who obtained 46.5% of the votes of the public. Fauve Hautot Equals, meanwhile, the record held so far by Denitsa Ikonomova with four victories.

If you weren’t at home or if you opted for another program, find the replay of Dancing with the Stars on the platform MYTF1.

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Dancing with the Stars: Billy Crawford big winner of the 12th season

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