Coverage Marrakech Poker Open 2022

Coverage of the Marrakech Poker Open: finally we are back!

What a pleasure to set foot in Marrakech again :x:x

Due to something people call “Covid”, it’s been more than two and a half years without poker living in this beautiful place that is the Palace-Casino Es Saadi. No, this splendid place did not fall into ruin while we were trying to defeat this virus, and even if it must have suffered from the lack of tourists for these long months, Jean-Alexandre Bauchet, the boss of the place, knew how to hold it with a firm hand to survive. Now is the time for reincarnation “ze place to be” in Morocco, if you want to test the chips with a smile.

And what better than good old MPO, aka Marrakech Poker Open, to put the foot back in the stirrup. On this occasion, @WebMaster did not take half measures, everyone is there! @Comanche and @ShiShi to host several radio shows, @Regatbreizh56 for his baptism of fire in these places and therefore myself to guide the young regat in the midst of all these Marrakchis who are well unknown to him.

The period seems ideal for some (end of summer, so fewer people, but still chatty weather) while for others, the calendar is a bit stuck with the Series Online. Whatever, we will surely be far from the 2200 registrations of the EPT Barcelona… and that is not the objective anyway.

Above all, it’s time to find sensations here, pleasure, to push back this carpet of the great Bauché room, to eat tagines, to see Anas Tadini terrorize his opponents, to set foot in the theater, to chill at the swimming pool …to actually live, and calmly, because that’s how things are here.

For now, everything is calm… for now…

The program of the week, I slipped it to you below, in any case with regard to the tournaments which will interest us. Example: today, we will take a look at the Warm-Up, before looking away tomorrow (Wednesday) on the High Roller, and the day after tomorrow (Thursday) on the Main Event. Who will be our common thread until the end of the week.

The Bendo teams are also on hand to offer you a streaming of this event, I have no date for the broadcasts yet, but I will obviously keep you informed.

I am well aware that a lot of eyes are on the websites, that you have great tournaments to play online at home… but don’t hesitate to stop by here from time to time, we always live great moments at Is Saadi.


Tuesday, September 6 :
4 p.m.: Day 1 – Warm-Up 5,000 MAD (475€)

Wednesday, September 7 :
2 p.m.: Day 2 – Warm-Up 5,000 MAD (475€)
4 p.m.: Day 1 – High Roller 20,000 MAD (1,900€)

Thursday, September 8 :
3 p.m.: Day 2 – High Roller 20,000 MAD (1,900€)
4 p.m.: Day 1A – Main Event 13,200 MAD (1,255€)

Friday, September 9 :
1 p.m.: Day 1B – Main Event 13,200 MAD (1,255€)
5 p.m.: Progressive High Roller Bounty 6,000 MAD (€570)

Saturday September 10 :
12 p.m.: Day 2 – Main Event 13,200 MAD (1,255€)
2 p.m.: Day 1 – Monster Stack MAD 6,000 (€570)

Sunday September 11 :
1:30 p.m.: Short Handed 6,000 MAD (€570)
2 p.m.: Day 3 (final day) – Main Event 13,200 MAD (1,255€)
2:30 p.m.: Day 2 – Monster Stack MAD 6,000 (€570)
5 p.m.: Turbo Deep Closing Event 2,000 MAD (€190)

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Coverage Marrakech Poker Open 2022

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